August: A RRRound up

by - September 12, 2015

August - Quite rainy I remember! But always tasty! Here's Graham with a quick reminder (TOPICAL BECAUSE CILLA DIED!) of what went on.....

I started this month on a crazy elimination diet in an attempt to kill off the candida and writing this now  six weeks later, I feel different: happier, lighter but still rather itchy (eczema) so I still have some more work to do in terms of starving the beast of sugar and yeast and repopulating the good bacteria - but that's got easier and it's lush just eating vegetables, meat and a new favourite of mine - buckwheat.


Buckwheat is actually part of the rhubarb family! yeah it's a psuedograin along with amaranth and quinoa so it's more nutritious than most of the other grains although still held in contempt by true paleos.

It's the seed of a flower and it contains loads of good shit so get it in your life. You can boil it for about 20 minutes and then rinse it in cold water and mix it with stuff like lemon juice, cucumber, red onion, parsley, mint and ting to make a lush tabbouleh like I did when we did the food stall at Florence Road Market last weekend!!!!!

I've since experimented with Buckwheat for breakfast with eggs or elderberry sauce and it works well savoury or sweet so give it a go! (recipes to follow!)

Root Candi

I said goodbye to two of my housemates this month also and to send them off all the girls went to the new veggie tapas place above Iydea in Brighton called RootCandi. It's incredible food, little bowls of exquisite, beautiful creations that are actually really filling - and great service - they brought out lots of extra plates for us to apologise for the long wait to keep us happy, not that anyone was even close to complaining! For 11 people we shared 4 sets and each of them come themed to a Continent. For example there is a European, an Asian, a South American etc as well as complimentary nibbles - soya nuts and olives. Also having not been out to dinner in weeks it was amazing to come here and just let loose. I'm sure I ate things I wasn't allowed to but whatever.

Growing Vegetables

I decided the school needed some vegetables to nurture as it would be a lovely activity the students could watch develop over their stay - the majority are here for at least a month so we planted rocket and radishes in pots in the garden! I've been off this week so will hopefully go back to see them turned into giant beanstalks sprouting enormous bright pink prizes. Then I'm going to show the students how to make this:

Food Stall

Ah my first food stall! luckily it was with the amazing Iain from The Seven Bees who knows about everything so I wasn't totally up sh** creek without a paddle. Click Here to read all about it!


Just a quickie but I really wanted to give this a mention - Tossed Salads the brand. They are not yet in Brighton but I found them at a services en route to Harry Potter studios and I've had them before in London and just wanted to say that their salads are refreshingly good! Look! This one was half price as well as it was the end of the day so all this for £3.19. That's salmon, avocado, edamame, quinoa, tomatoes, salad etc. If you're near pop in!


I took The Boy camping in Eastbourne for his birthday and tied it in with an invitation from Bill's to come back and enjoy a complimentary main for two plus drinks. This was a result of our last visit as I was unsatisfied with the food they served up as anyone would be for £14 if you feel you could just make it at home, better, for less. I really don't want to sound arrogant here but it didn't really match the description on the menu and the salad that I had got my hopes up about was tiny. I won't go into it too much here because the point I'm trying to make is the incredible hospitality and redemption that followed on our second visit. The food was great, the manager came over and introduced himself and apologised for the last time, again, and they even gave us the starter free plus an extra drink so thank you Bill's. This was their Salmon with salad on a bed of quinoa from the second visit - still needs more salad IMO but then if everyone thought that they'd be doing it! 


We found this interesting burrow that someone must have spent a long time constructing from twigs and leaves - toyed with the idea of sleeping in it only because we forgot the tent poles to our tent LOL but we didn't have the balls in the end and just bought another tent from the nearby Argos Extra. Still not completely primal eh. 

Recipes from August


 Pride! the best street party in Brighton all year where the whole city comes out to get drunk and colourful! My two favourite boys came down from London to celebrate with us and we had it right off dancing with drag queens in the street. 

And saving the best 'til last, Pride marks 2 years of being with this one :)  he's an absolute babe!

How was your August? what did you do? did you cook? can you give me any advice for growing veg? 

Would love to hear from you! 

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