August - A RRRound UP

by - August 31, 2016

A round up of all the culinary happenings from August - eating out, new discoveries and other news!

New Flat 
At the end of July I moved into my new flat and it's beautiful. It's in a central location, is light, bright and airy and came complete with a BBQ which kicked off the second part of the summer beautifully as a welcome dinner. With a large co-op opposite me, as well as a great chippy (the smell of which wafts in through my living room window, tempting me daily) and a Chinese next door - I've got the pick of the crop when it comes to food. I had a housewarming last weekend with all the booze I won in The Drinks Cellar awards but I will write a separate blog post all about that!

High Protein Low Sugar 

Actually I am loving the co-op. Their selection of 'health' drinks is great - Alongside coconut water they've now got aloe vera, kefir and this little smoothie by Savse which is even included in the meal deal. It's made from: coconut milk, whey protein, lime, pineapple, vanilla and maca. I love it because it's not just 1000 fruits stuffed into a bottle overloading you with sugar and it actually contains protein oh and it tastes FIT. Big up. 

I also found a new brand of yoghurt, Acti-yog, which I'm getting back into eating for breakfast because my sister-in-law made some Chocolate Granola Dust (so fit) from Jamie's new book: Family Superfood Classics. It's just screaming out for some berries and yoghurt to turn it into one hell of a sexy brekkie. It's so refreshing to find low sugar/high protein yoghurts - normally the second ingredient in a really delicious sounding yoghurt is sugar and then my heart drops. Obvs I'm not worried about fat content, though. Just waiting for The Coconut Collaborative to be more widely available now. Come on Co-op! 

Video By Post

Sainsburys have been kind this month. They sent me some baby new potatoes with a little tote bag and a portable video-playing screen showcasing their journey from field to store in 48 hours. Amazing. Thanks guys, I made them into a potato salad with red onion, lemon juice, mayo, black pepper and salt :) 

BBQs & Head Space

I've had some cracking BBQs on the beach [click here to see some photos of all the food] with my favourite students. These guys really know how to do chicken. This weather and this location and the opportunity to get to know so many wonderful people makes me feel so grateful. I've been practising meditation and mindfulness too, to deal with a whole load of demons, and it's really beneficial. I use the app, Headspace. It's just ten mins a day to begin with, the guy, Andy, guides you through so it's easy because you're not sitting there alone feeling bored or like you're not doing it right and the immediate after effect is overall calmness. The longer term results I've found now after practising for 20 days is increased positivity, more focus, less anxiety and a higher state of relaxation on a day to day basis. I liked the free 10 sessions so much that I subscribed - can't recommend it enough. Even if you think meditation is intimidating, give it a go. 

Canham's, Again!

I think I said in my last round up how good Canhams' are when I talked about their brownies and there's been some chat on the RR Facebook about their scones. This was recommended to me on a hangover (went out to watch the new David Brent film, ended up having 3 pints, 3 cans and two vodkas) and it sorted me RIGHT out. It's hench: pulled pork, homemade stuffing, homemade apple sauce and loads of the crispiest crackling. All for under £4 too. Amazing. Go to Canham's (Church Road, Hove) 

Summer = beer. Beer is everywhere in Brighton. It is my biggest weakness. If i didn't drink beer I would probably be a size 6. Sorry boys. 

I found this cheeky little number hiding in The Brunswick on Holland Road. The first taste you get is mango then it mellows out into a normal pale ale. I like how strong it is - not as hectic as a Belgian beer at the standard 7% volume but not as flacid as a fosters, either. 

The Urchin

The subject of beer leads me nicely onto MY NEW FAVOURITE PUB IN THE WORLD. Yep. It's official. AND it's my new local so I can be there in 2 minutes! The Urchin do shellfish and craft beer! Two of the best things in the world. 

Their moules are awesome - I've had them twice now. I tried the classic Moules Mariniere and a special which was moules in cider and tarragon and both were epic. Not bad at £10 and dishes they come in are like big urchins - it's all just so cool. 


One of my favourite white ales was to be found in there which made my day too. Hitochino Nest - from Japan. You can also get this in Wagamama. [Click here to read my review of Wagamama]

And another baby of mine, La Chouffe. Strong as hell but bloody amazing.

So so so so so happy to have found The Urchin. Can't wait to go back for the third time. 

Pip and Nut

I discovered this today in Sainsbury's - a squeezy sachet of almond butter and coconut oil! How cute?! To say the least! I snapped one up and had it at my desk - perfect little paleo snack that is NOT fruit. Kids would go nuts for it (No pun intended) as you can eat it like a Froob and it's creamy and filling. Want more immediately. 

Thai Festival

I finally got round to going to the annual Thai festival in Preston Park after years of wanting to go but never sorting it out. 

Thai food is my second favourite cuisine after Japanese. My staple go-to Thai meals are: Papaya salad, Tom Yum, Coconut Soup, Spicy Thai Sausage, Fish Cakes & Red or Green Curry. 

Unfortunately the fish cakes I had there were soggy and had gone from the freezer into the hot oil and just left a lot to be desired.

Luckily the day was saved by this jumbo dong. Spicy Thai sausage which is SO packed with lemongrass and chilli that your mouth has a party (obvs a sausage fest). I'm always on the hunt for these sausages at any kind of Thai street food stall. 

Here's my nephew going crazy for the super young fresh coconut I bought. He absolutely LOVED it! At the moment he's also into smoked salmon, avocado and Boursin! So Hove, darling. 

Paleo Baking

Been getting into paleo baking. I think it's so cool that ground almonds work as a substitute for flour and that you don't neeeeeed to add 100000g sugar to make baked stuff taste good. Why isn't this more widely known? I'd have loved to have been whipping up baked goods that are suitable for kids and your waistline sooner but hey ho, I'm on board now and have more time to do it properly. So for the nephews I made a batch of banana bread and some Madeline Shaw paleo muffins - made only from eggs, vanilla, coconut milk, almonds and raspberries - again it's high protein, low sugar. You'll be seeing more baked stuff on here soon as I've just been asked to compete in the Great British Vegan Bake off!

What have you been up to recently? Eaten out anywhere nice? Done any baking? 
Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook & Youtube for more fit food & fun! 


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