Roast Parsnip & Apple Soup With Crispy Bacon

by - February 20, 2016

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Crispy, salty bacon gives this sweet, warming Parsnip and Apple Soup a real tough edge that will give you a little boost to get through the rest of the cold and miserable months.

Shout out to everyone who is skint after Christmas! I feel you. You’re probably feeling the pinch this month, right? In the UK winter can be a long one with miserable weather, low light levels, and a thousand weeks between paydays; we all experience varying degrees of depression. We need nourishing, reassurance, and saviour in the form of food, after all food can always save the day! And do you know what happens when you feed people? They get happy! This recipe is cheap to make, straightforward enough the kids could make it, and it is incredibly satisfying.

Soup ticks so many boxes at this time of year. It can be made in advance in a huge batch and eaten everyday until it’s gone and can also be frozen. Take it to work, have it for dinner, the options are endless!
Apples and parsnips are cheap and in season so make the most of them, and pairing parsnips with salty bacon brings out their unique earthy flavour. I’ve been using butchers bacon recently and the difference between shop-bought is incredible. It’s thicker and the rind crisps up so nicely like crackling giving a fantastic crunch to balance the smooth creamy soup. Smoked bacon has a stronger flavour than unsmoked and streaky would bring more fat to the dish, giving it a richer flavour. Bacon is one of the world’s best seasonings, sometimes just one rasher of bacon is all it takes to add an immense amount of flavour to a soup. Feel free to switch the bacon for chorizo for an alternative spicier twist, omit the bacon if you are a vegetarian, and even substitute it with kosher/Paleo bacon flavourings which are available in the form of crispy pieces.

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