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Just sharing some of my food adventures and things that have been enjoyable to eat, make and explore in the hope it inspires you to create and enjoy more :)


Raw Rhubarb offers creative recipes under each of the headings in the drop down menu which focus on being simple, easy, fast and healthy. There's no technical terms or truffle oil here - but nothing is limited, either. Call it flexitarianism. More recently there's been a big shift to vegetarian and veganism (since 2019) so you won't find many new meat recipes.


Raw Rhubarb has worked in collaboration with and is featured regularly in a range of magazines both online and in print including Free From Magazine - A UK magazine series dedicated to free-from cooking and baking to provide recipes for people on a diet which may be free from meat, sugar, dairy or gluten etc - And The Institute of Optimum Nutrition.

Raw Rhubarb is also sponsored by Indoor Sports Services, a company who specialise in sports equipment, offer fitness plans and work with schools.

Raw Rhubarb will now stop writing in third person (lol)


In 2015 I was a food revolution ambassador for the Food Foundation, a charity founded by Jamie Oliver, whose mission is to "Shape the health and well-being of current and future generations and contribute to a healthier world, by providing better access to food education for everyone." Check out the events section of this blog for more info on that. I've also created 10 twists on 10 of Jamie's recipes which you can find here as well here  - Unfortunately the Food Foundation is no longer active.


Based in Brighton, I have also done some freelance catering (Like at Florence Road Market!) so keep an eye on my social media, which you can find at the top and bottom of this page, for a chance to eat some RR food!

I hope you can take something from my blog that will inspire you to eat better, feel pumped and look amazing.

Thanks for visiting!