Pressure King Pro: Jerk Chicken, Blackened Pineapple, Buttered rice & Slaw

Jerk Chicken Recipe Rice Slaw Pineapple PKP

Fruity, spiced succulent chicken cooked to perfection in just 25 minutes served with buttered rice and blackened pineapple and slaw!

What is 'Witching Hour' (Overthinking At Night) & How To Beat It

You lie awake in your bed, fully aware that you must rise in 6 hours time yet you still cannot stop those anxious thoughts whirring around your mind. You can't turn off that chatterbox which categorically takes you on a hypothetical journey of 'what if's, while the clock ticks away methodically.

Apple Butter Porridge With Cinnamon

Apples cooked down in butter poured over porridge finished with cinnamon - perfect for those cosy Autumn mornings...

Vieve Protein Water!

New to hit the fitness world - protein water! What's it all about?

Blackberry, Coconut and Almond Cake HFLC

Paleo/Ketogenic Blackberry, Coconut and Almond Cake Blackberries Recipe

Beautifully nutritious, keto/paleo blackberry and almond loaf made with coconut milk

Paleo Cherry Bakewell Pancakes

 Rich, tart cherries spilling over warm almond pancakes fried in butter topped with flaked almonds. A paleo version of a nation's favourite desert, the bakewell tart. In pancake form.

Poached Eggs With Crispy Baked Broccoli Pakoras

 Add an Indian influence to your breakfast with these crispy broccoli pakoras to dip into the gooey yolk of a poached egg!

Review - Purezza - Brighton's Vegan Pizza Restaurant

An evening at the all-vegan pizza restaurant, Purezza, in Brighton. Veg crisps, coconut cheesey dough balls, courgetti and oh yeah, only a chocolate calzone!

Ketogenic Hot Dog - with Mor Sausages

A special introduction to MOR sausages and a banging keto hot dog substitute idea perfect for BBQ season!

Ketogenic Naked Breakfast Burrito Bowl

Buttery, scrambled eggs with chorizo atop creamy guacamole surrounded by peppers, corn, lettuce, red onion, tomatoes, mozzarella and cheddar finished with some Mayan Ruins hot sauce and coriander. Muy sabroso! 

Paleo Banana Breakfast Split With Summer Berries, Coconut Yoghurt, Almond Butter & Superfood Chocolate

A Dairy-free, vegan, paleo/ketogenic twist on Jamie Oliver's Super-Fruit Breakfast Wraps recipe

Rhubarb and Raspberry Crabbie's Slushie Bowl

Summer is coming... time to get chillin' with the rhubarb and a cheeky bit of booze...

Keto Breakfast: Turkish Shakshuka

Rich, smoky tomatoes with baked eggs, vegetables, feta and chilli

Review: TWID

Tucked away on a busy road in Battersea, only 10 minutes walk from Clapham Junction train station, is the new restaurant: That's What I Do or TWID for short. 

It's not your normal restaurant. No. 

Keto/ Veggie Mushroom Pizzas!

Want to eat a pizza but can't be dealing with the calories/carbs/stodge? 
Grab yo'self a portobello mushroom and load it instead...

Paleo/Keto Spag Bol

Paleo/Ketogenic Spag Bol - Garlicky meatballs on a bed of butternut squash (boodles) and spinach topped with tomato puree enriched with butter and finished with crumbled feta...

Paleo Food in Dublin and More

Where to find paleo food in Dublin... and more good stuff to eat.

Positive Psychology: Happiness Hack

A quick happiness hack on how to correlate the life you want to be living with the life you're currently living..

Eating Deliberately: My 15 Staple Foods

In a time when we are bombarded with articles showcasing the latest fad diets, food trends and new super foods taking centre stage every five minutes - some of the original players can get lost. Regardless of the changing prices, conflicting info and exotic newcomers, I wanted to share these 15 foods that make it home with me every week and aren't going anywhere...

Spicy Sweetheart Cabbage Wraps with Chicken, Humous & Crudites

Bread-Free Crunchy Chicken Wrap

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