Cauliflower Crust Pizza

Slices of cauliflower crust pizza
Have you tried eating or making cauliflower pizza yet? Give it a go, it's high protein, low carb & high fibre - Win!

5 Ways To Use Pesto (Aside from pasta)

Pesto is too tasty to only have on pasta. Also if you don't eat pasta for whatever reason, here are some other ways in which it makes any meal extra sexy...

Sweet Potato Toast!

Sweet Potato, The King of vegetables, strikes again by turning itself into toast! Perfect if you don't eat bread, have run out or just fancy a fun, novel change! Top it with sweet or savoury stuff!

Smoky Tomato Soup With Chorizo, Butter Beans & Spinach

Jamie Oliver Minestrone Soup Recipe Twist

This is one of those recipes that gets better overnight - luckily this soup is beautiful cold, as a kind of meaty gazpacho - perfect for hot or colder weather...

Coconut, Blackcurrant & Mint Smoothie

Coconut Milk, Blackcurrants, Smashed Mint & Water  - An idea from Jamie Oliver that makes a refreshing pretty summer drink

REVIEW: Wild Food Cafe London

Convent Garden, London. Upstairs. Next to a massage shop that smells strongly of essential oils lies this vegan cafe that is instagram-famous for it's beautiful plates. Liam and I went to investigate...

Baked Salmon and Purple Mexican Salad

Omega-3-rich deliciously creamy salmon sits on a vibrant purple salad full of peppery radishes, crunchy red cabbage, and fragrant coriander

Banging BBQs - Get inspired!

SUMMER!  You need to milk the weather while it's good.
Here are a few pictures of recent BBQs to inspire you because there's so much more to life than buns...

Smoked Mackerel, Sweet Potato Mash, Red Pesto & Sour Cream

Simple buttery mashed sweet potato swirled with spicy red pesto and cooling sour cream alongside smoked mackerel fillets, finished with parsley. Takes 10 minutes, costs so little and tastes FIT

PRIMAL EYE: Summer Pepper Frittata

A light, vibrant meal that’s ready in minutes allowing us time to enjoy the summer. Good for any time of the day and packed with plenty of protein!

Eating Out June & July - A RR-Round up

Here is a collection of mini reviews of some of the fit places I've eaten at so far this summer...


Because vinaigrette is FIT as a dressing for hot veg! 

VIDEO: Purple Sweet Potato Soldiers For Dippy Eggs

Who would have thought the sweet potato could get ANY BETTER?!
Now it's purple and getting dipped into boiled eggs! Say WHAT?! 

Travelling Gluten Free - What You Need To Know

Love to travel but feel restricted by a gluten-free diet? Here's some handy advice for travelling gluten-free on your holidays…

Halloumi, Mint & Courgette Burgers


Pretty little patties PACKED with halloumi. Because you can never have too much halloumi. Mint for a summery feel & courgette for texture, colour and nutrition. BBQ ready?

Roasted Beetroot Houmous

"Sexy....everything about you's so sexaaay, you don't even know what you got, you're really hitting my spot, oh yeah!"* 

Mango Hot Sauce Glazed Turkey Breast With Veg

Summer on a plate!

Beautiful Babaganoush

Creamy, tangy, smooth and so pretty - Babaganoush is a dip hailing from the Middle East with variations in each country, all producing wonderful results. Totally pure, delicious and easy to make - give it a try...

Raw Rhubarb Has Been Nominated For The Drinks Cellar Food & Drink Blogger Awards!

The lovely people over at The Drinks Cellar have decided that RR deserves to be nominated for an award! 

This is CRAZY! 

Artichoke, Mozzarella, Tomato, Pine nut, Parma Ham Pizza With Wild Garlic Pesto

Shop bought pizza bases + home made wild garlic pesto and an adornment of other tasty gems  = pimped pizza that's totally gorgeous & ready in 20 minutes 

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