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Turkey, Sweet Potato Mash, Tenderstem, Lemon

Beetroot & Red Lentil Humous With Courgette Crisps

Roasted Pumpkin & Halloumi Salad With Quinoa & Orange

Sweet Potato Nachos With Seared Steak

Mozarella Stuffed Figs In Parma Ham, Tenderstem Broccoli & Orange Zest

Vietnamese Inspired Super Simple Salad

Turkey & King Prawn Ramen

Lime & Chilli Chicken Rainbow Bliss Bowl

Mozzarella & Fennel Salad With a Mango & Chilli Dressing

Gram Flour Pancakes

Prettied Up Scrambled Eggs 

Citrus Roast Chicken, Pumpkin Chips & Courgette & Mint Salad

Simple Cheese Omelette With Parmesan & Spring Onion

Salmon Ceviche 

Mango & Almond Energy Bites

Greek Salad Chicken Lettuce Tacos

Soft Boiled Eggs With Hot & Sour Cucumber Noodles

Festive Chorizo Greens

Spiced Rum Coffee With Whipped Coconut Cream

Rosemary Beef Burger On Portabello Mushroom With Cheddar & Onion Relish

Roast Parsnip & Apple Soup With Crispy Bacon

Smoked Mackerel & Quinoa Kedgeree

Paleo Mayonnaise

Salad For Breakfast

Pastrami-Wrapped Rainbow Salad

Chocolate Bubble Wrap

Apple Crisps

Seeded Dark Chocolate Bark

Roasted Butternut Squash, Bacon & Goat's Cheese Warm Salad

The Perfect Primal Roast

Paleo Egg Muffins

Mini Roast Dinner Canapes

King Prawn & Bacon Skewers With Crunchy Apple Salad

Boodles & Coodles

Beetroot & Orange Soup With Crushed Walnuts

Wild Mushroom Spaghetti In Garlic Butter

Spicy Lamb Sausages With Raw 'Slaw

Japanese Breakfast With Cauli Rice

Vietnamese Prawn Summer Rolls

Whole Roasted Indian Spiced Cauliflower

Spiced Apple &  Cranberry Porridge

Smoked Mackerel Pate

Beer Battered Fish & Sweet Potato Chips

White Chocolate & Raspberry Cookies

Kebab-Style Wraps

The New Prawn Cocktail

Baked Rhubarb, Ice Cream & Mango Hot Sauce

Garlic Butter Prawns, Mushrooms & Chorizo Salad

Wild Garlic Pesto

Mini Cornish Pasties

Buffalo Chicken Salad

Wild Garlic Omelette

The Perfect Tuna Steak

Maple Pork Skewers With Rocket & Lemon Rice

Sweet Potato Latkes

Super Smooth Guacamole

Butternut Squash Burger

Courgetti, Bacon, Tomato & Avocado

Steak & Chilli Chocolate Sauce

Breakfast Ramen

Pimped Pizza

 King Prawn & Chorizo Jambalaya

Beautiful Babaganoush

Halloumi, Courgette & Mint Burgers

Roasted Beetroot Houmous

Simple Steamed Greens With Vinaigrette 

Purple Sweet Potatoes & Dippy Eggs

Summer Pepper Frittata

Smoked Mackerel, Sweet Potato Mash, Sour Cream & Red Pesto

Candida Fighting Meals

Baked Salmon With Purple Mexican Salad

Sexy Fry-Up Ideas

Rudolph's Hangover Cure

Beef & Pumpkin Curry

Duck, Celeriac, Spring Greens

Meatballs, Courgetti & A Herby Tomato Sauce

Baked Eggs, Sweet Potato & Kale

Paleo Fish & Chips

Bacon-Wrapped Pumpkin & Sweet Potato Fritters

Hasselback Sweet Potatoes

Whipped Coconut Cream & Rhubarb Compote

Warm Winter Salad With Duck, Cranberry & Roasted Walnuts

Serotonin Food:
Lemon & Walnut Pesto, Courgetti & Salmon Skewers

10 Paleo Egg Recipes

Sloe Gin & Lemon Fizz
Easy Continental Canapes

Tuna Poke!

Mango Hot Sauce-Glazed Turkey Breast & Veg

Coconut, Blackcurrant & Mint Smoothie