Greek Salad Chicken Lettuce Tacos!

by - October 21, 2015

Seasoned dark chicken meat sits on a crunchy little gem leaf. Topped with strips of cucumber, hot red onion, muted black olives and tangy feta cheese finished with a sprinkling of lemon zest. 

I figured it was time to make 'healthy tacos'. I've been seeing a lot of weird 'healthy tacos' around with some sort of turkey/pork/beef mince on them and I just think they look rather boring.  I am about 80% paleo and flour tortillas just don't sit right with me. Give me a crunchy green veg in place of flour any day but the mince meat filling just isn't appealing. If you Google 'healthy taco', you will find what looks like a dollop of dog food on a lettuce leaf. We want real, flavoursome meat and a shed load of other great toppings to make it banging!

The best thing about this is that it takes no time at all - you just have to do a little prep. This prep may entail cooking the meat the night/day before as it only takes 10 minutes with cooked meat. If you're starting from scratch then I doubt it'll be ready in ten.

I'm quite into buying whole chickens at the moment and cooking them as you get SO much meat and so much variety of meat with the dark meat, of course, being the best! It's great for something like this as it means you don't need to rely on a dressing because the meat is juicy enough.


Makes 5

Two chicken drumsticks - cooked
Stick of feta cheese - about the size of a finger
Cucumber strips
5-8 black olives
2 tsp lemon zest
Little gem leaves
Salt and pepper
Red onion chopped small

Place the shredded chicken on the leaves and season well. Pile the cucumber, onion and olives on top then crumble the feta over. Finish with the zest and a little extra seasoning.

Roll lengthways to fit into your mouth and enjoy!!!

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