Tex Mex Roast Butternut Squash

by - November 09, 2016

All the Sexy Texi Mexi flavours inside a big vegetable...

This is the final installment in the 10 recipes that us Food Rev ambassadors have been compiling as twists on Jamie Oliver's 10 life saving meals. It's been so much fun conceptualising, creating and shooting the recipes and finally sharing them with you. 

If you are looking for a new way to stuff vegetables to get more into your diet or you want an alternative to the traditional Sunday Roast without compromising on flavours, this one is for you. Everyone loves a bit of Mexican - it's like a burrito in a vegetable but without the carb slump afterwards! I'm using quinoa because I don't really do beans but feel free to whack a load of black beans in there for Authenticity. 

So without further ado, here is how to make the sumptuous 'Tex Mex Roast Butternut Squash'...


1 butternut squash - halved and seeds removed. Keep the skin on.
1/2 pack of ready to eat black and white quinoa
250g beef mince
1 avocado
1 red chillli
handful of coriander 
1 diced white onion
2 garlic cloves
1 tsp Paprika
Big handful of chopped red, green and or yellow peppers
2 dollops of sour cream or Greek yoghurt
Big handful of grated Red Leicester 


Right on. So what you gotta do is firstly get you Butternut squash in the oven. 

Pre-heat your oven to 200 and get your squash all deseeded and scored and oiled up on a baking tray ready to get hot. Cook it for around 30 minutes or until soft. This it what it will look like when done:


1. Fry the onions and garlic until soft
2. Add the mince and quinoa 
chilli, salt, pepper and paprika and cook on low until the mince has browned (10 minutes)
4. Add the peppers and put a lid on it while you return your attention back to the squash. 

You'll need to scoop out some of the squash flesh so that you can fill it with better stuff. Reserve that flesh so you can reheat it at a later date, cover it in butter and devour as a snack with some salt and pepper. No waste!

When you're all scooped out add the mix to the squash and add the cheese...

Now return to the oven to let it melt a little.

When it's melted and lush, finish with your sour cream, avocado, coriander and extra cheese because why not?

Hope you like it! 

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