Simple Cheese Omelette With Parmesan & Spring Onion

by - May 17, 2016

The Classic Cheese Omelette! This time packed with tangy, gooey Parmesan and sharp Spring onion. The first of a series of twists on Jamie Oliver's 10 life-saving meals...

Food Revolution! 

With the countdown to Food Revolution Day 2016 fast approaching - it's on May 20th! - Jamie Oliver has released a set of ten recipes which feature simple, easy to cook meals in order to inspire and teach people of all ages and abilities the way to cook healthy, life-saving meals. First up is the classic cheese omelette...

What was the first thing you learnt to cook? 

For me, it was a fried egg guided by a Delia cookbook!

Eggs are the best way to start because they are so quick and easy and you can't reaaally go wrong. Worst case scenario, the egg breaks - oh well, scramble it!

They're little nutritional heroes with a good amount of saturated (healthy) fat in the yolk, protein in the white and a load of amino acids and other goodies throughout. They don't need much tarting-up - salt and pepper brings out their flavour beautifully - but are also versatile enough to do a variety of things with them. Tick tick tick. 

The classic cheese omelette is suitable for vegetarians, cheap & easy to make and FIT! I always have to fit some sort of green vegetable in there somewhere so I'm adding spring onion which pairs so wonderfully with cheese and I'm choosing Parmesan for it's ultra strong and slightly nutty flavour. The result is a sexy, gooey, tangy, warming meal that will be demolished in seconds.

Extra Parmesan at the ready if you're feeling cheeky...


3 eggs - I don't eat that much bread so like a more substantial omelette
20g Parmesan (alter this depending on how much cheese you like)
1 spring onion - chopped into rings or strips or both
Salt & Pepper
20g Salted Butter, for frying 


Beat your eggs to death in a Pyrex jug or small bowl

Slice up your onions - it's fun chopping them length ways for a change - push the boat out!

Heat the nubbin of butter on a low heat in a medium non-stick pan and pour in your eggs.
Ensure that you keep an eye on them and keep the heat low as you don't want them to stick or cook too quickly...

When the outside looks a little cooked (like the above picture) season well with the salt and pepper, throw on your cheese and most of the spring onion but save a little to make it look pretty at the end.

When it's looking cooked throughout, fold it if you like - or just leave it to be a circle and then flop her out onto a plate and garnish with the rest of the cheese and onion.

Tuck in with a little extra cracked black pepper!
I hope you enjoy!

Let me know what you think in the comments below or hit me up on social media for more fit food and fun! 

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  1. Love this twist on Jamie's omelette - so fresh and perfect for Spring!

  2. This looks yummy.

    I am now trying to figure out how I can set you up an omelette station at work... y'know... for the students... ahem...


  3. Thanks guys! Yes Amy - let's do it!