Simple Paleo Lunch: Lemon Mint Quinoa (Thug Kitchen)

by - January 05, 2015


This was inspired by the Thug Kitchen recipe from the cookbook Thug Kitchen: Eat Like You Give a F**k
 It's fully vegetarian because according to studies we (or Americans at least, but it's probably similar here) are eating almost double the recommended yearly allowance of meat and states that "Researchers at the university of Southern California found that people with diets rich in animal proteins were four times more likely than those who ate less of it to die of cancer. They followed thousands of people for 20 ears and also found that those same animal protein-loving motherfuckers were 74 times more likely to die OF ANY CAUSE, not just cancer, during the course of the study than people with a diet low in this like meat, cheese and think you cant live without meat every fucking day? well guess what, you can't live with that shit either" How many vegetarian meals do you eat a week? It might be worth trying to modify some of your meals to exclude it, for the sake of your health and your wallet.

Inspired by this recipe from the book:

However, I am skint after christmas and do not have amptly stocked cupboards so just used:

Lemon Zest & Juice of a whole lemon
1/4 of a Cucumber
Handful of chopped up peanuts

I used this quinoa which I found in Sainsbury for £1.50, it's ready to eat hot or cold and serves two, which isn't the most cost effective but if you are being a lazy one in the morning you could grab a packet for breakfast and have it with some fruity yoghurt. If you're not already on the quinoa game (pronounced keenwa, come on its not keenoar) you should get on it. It's easy, cheap, super nutritious and a huge source of protein AND fibre. BOOM shake shake shake the room!

Chop it all up and put it in your lunchbox. Save money! Eat clean!

Or it could be a side order, like it's meant to be from the book, up to you.

If that's all a bit too serious for you, here's a load of cock-shaped mozzarella. LOL.

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  1. How did you enjoy the Mozarella?

  2. Are grains actually bad for the human body? Is this "Paleo" diet ...
    is quinoa paleo

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