Halloumi, Mint & Courgette Burgers

by - July 14, 2016


Pretty little patties PACKED with halloumi. Because you can never have too much halloumi. Mint for a summery feel & courgette for texture, colour and nutrition. BBQ ready?

The key to these being good is SQUEEZING all the moisture out of the courgette as much as possible after grating. Let all that juice drip through your fingers into the sink rather than onto the plate later on, trust!
I learnt the hard way! 

Halloumi, Mint & Courgette Burgers

See, this guy above is a little SLOPPY isn't he. Shoulda squeezed more, shouldn't I?

These burgers are gorgeous served with a little chilli sauce, salad and some kind of sweet potato but of course, you can throw them into a bun if you need a bread fix and then some kinda pimped ketchup would be hella good though and of course some thinly sliced red onion. 


1 egg 
2 courgettes - grated 
Half a block of halloumi - grated
Handful of fresh mint - chopped
Olive Oil for frying
Black Pepper

Fresh mint

Grate your courgette then bundle it into a clean tea towel and squeeze over the sink so that it's as dry as poss.

Then get your grated halloumi and mix in a bowl with the egg and the chopped mint with a generous helping of black pepper.

Form into patties and then fry on a medium heat until they are browned on each side.

This should take around 4-5 mins. 

Place onto some kitchen towel to drain (if you need to) 

Then serve with tomatoes, red onion, sweet potato, spicy sauce, pitta bread or whatever you fancy! 

grated courgette

grated cheese

Halloumi, Mint & Courgette Burgers

Patties Frying

Hope you like them!
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