Review: Albion Cafe, Bar, Restaurant, Grocery Shop - The Boundary Project - London

by - January 06, 2019

What a little delight this place is. Teaming with interesting snacks, condiments and ingredients to buy, such as lemon oil and jealous sweets and vegan energy bars and vegetable crisps. Situated in the heart of uber-cool Shoreditch, which is too cool for the word 'uber' if it isn't the car, is Albion, which we discovered on a whim this Sunday lunchtime...

With an open kitchen and an array of help-yourself salads as well as glistening pastries, Albion caters for many people's needs, and played host to all walks of life today: couples having intimate drinks, friends having catch-ups over tea, friends having lunches (us), people popping in and out to buy snacks and groceries/take away drinks, single people working on laptops and bigger parties having more elaborate Sunday roasts. I saw one guy drinking a glass of milk. So there you go. Whatever you want, they have. 

vegetable crisps shoreditch albion

Albion shoreditch London the boundary project review

Albion shoreditch London the boundary project review

Albion shoreditch London the boundary project review

OK some of the drinks are getting really expensive in 2019! £6?! Is it London? Is it this place or is it just 2019? 

Albion shoreditch London the boundary project review

Would like to have seen more salads, or these topped up as when they're looking like this, you don't want to take from them as it feels like that food's been sitting around. They were busy though and they looked very fresh in real life.

Albion shoreditch London the boundary project review

Liam had the mushroom and cream soup which tasted AMAZING - perfect seasoning, which is always the make or break of a soup. However it looked like a bowl of grey and I think could have done with a finishing, livening swirl of cream on top to set it off. He also had the baked sweet potatoes and poached eggs which was great, although the chillies gave him hiccups.  

It was such Raw Rhubarb food, I was thinking 'Wow, why did I choose a salmon salad? I could have made this at home...' and you should never choose out what you would have at home, right? WRONG, F*** that. Have what makes your heart sing. If you have the same thing all the time, that's fine! Less of the self-judgement.

The salmon was SO fit. Crispy skin, perfectly soft meat and it came with a decent amount of lemon. I love that they left the seeds in the lemon. I love those little real touches. I don't think it was worth £13.50 but I certainly enjoyed it.

So overall, my share of the bill came to £16.50 (including service) for this salad and a can of ginger beer, which I think is a little much. But if you're cool with that, for sure check this place out! They are open all day too, so that's a bonus!

I actually left my credit card here (silly me it fell out of my pocket) and when I went to collect it, the very nice manager sat me down while I waited for them to locate it, and gave me a complimentary and very nice oat milk latte and some water. So extra love and points for that care and consideration. Thank you! 

Lots of love
Jenna x

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