3 Breakfast Foods Rich in Vitamin D3 and K2

by - January 28, 2021

 Image Courtesy of Pixabay

There are many things that just go well together. Coffee and cream, carrot and turnip, and chicken and rosemary. But another amazing pairing has been discovered; vitamin D3 and K2. Studies have found that these two vitamins work in synergy to actually boost each other’s properties. *This post is not vegan-friendly! But something my paleo readers might like!

Vitamin D can mostly be absorbed from the sun’s UV rays but sometimes people might require some supplemental intake (especially in the colder months) while K2 is found mostly in animal-sourced products and fermented food. However, the gut can convert K1 from leafy greens into K2 so vegans and vegetarians can still benefit.

Vitamin D helps regulate calcium and phosphate levels in the body while K2 helps to metabolize calcium. These two vitamins together work to ensure optimal regulation of teeth and bones.

Some of the best foods for Vitamin D and K2 are traditionally breakfast foods and include:

  • Liver

  • Eggs

  • Salmon

Liver might not be to everyone’s taste (definitely not mine!) but it full of vitamins and minerals (high in iron) while the benefits of eggs have supported by many for centuries. Salmon is a popular fish and is full of nutrients for both the body and the brain.

Pass the Lima Beans and Chianti

We will get the ickiest item in the list out of the way first. Liver is one of those meats that most people can’t stand, but like anything else in this category, it's probably because it hasn't been cooked properly. When prepared properly, this organ, usually from the cow, is absolutely delicious and can be eaten as a fried snack or ground to pate, which is actually better from duck or goose for foie gras, made in a non-cruel way.

Traditionally, liver is sliced and sauteed with onions for a hearty and iron-filled breakfast, but as well as its well-known iron content it is also a good dietary source of Vitamin D + K. It is advised to soak the liver in milk for 5 minutes to remove any bacteria and whatever you do, don’t overcook it.

The Unsung Hero

A traditional breakfast for centuries, eggs are well known for their fat content provided by the yolks, and this is where D and K reside. Many health food and fitness fans might be put off by the thought of consuming fatty egg yolks but the fat of egg yolks is perfectly harmless so long as you don’t eat too much. No more than 3 a day is recommended.

Eggs are a wonderful ingredient and the food industry would be lost without them. Not only are eggs amazing on their own when fried, scrambled, or boiled but they are essential in cakes and desserts as well as being used as binding agents for battered and breaded foods such as fried chicken or kievs. Ensure you seek out the best quality eggs with the minimum damage to environment and hens/male chickens by shopping from small and local farms whenever possible.

For Body and Mind

The king of the freshwater fish, salmon is revered the world over for its high nutritional properties such as protein and vitamin B as well as its brain-boosting component Omega-3. However, salmon is also rich in K2 and D as well which makes it a great food to eat if you are looking to increase your intake.

There are many salmon dishes but thinly-sliced smoked salmon is traditionally prepared for breakfast and served on a muffin with butter sauce similar to Eggs Benedict, wholewheat crackers, or with cream cheese (low fat of course) on a bagel. As with eggs, always look for 'responsibly sourced' on the label when shopping for salmon and other fish.

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