True Comfort Food: Finding Food That Calms You

by - February 10, 2021

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When people talk about comfort food, they are usually referring to the food options that make them feel the happiest (mashed potato!). This group of foods can be great when you need to pick up your mood, but what about true comfort and relaxation? As food science develops, experts are discovering more and more foods that are able to provide a calming effect on those that consume them. To give you an idea of how this can help you to improve your calmness, this post will be exploring four of the best options for those who want calming meals. Of course, though, you can always look for options of your own.

Herbs & Spices

Herbs and spices have been used by different cultures for thousands of years for their health benefits. Examples like chamomile are extremely popular, with countless people around the world using chamomile tea to improve their calmness. Turmeric can also have similar effects, giving you something that can be easily added to meals. Turmeric has been found to promote brain health and reduce the chances of developing anxiety disorders. It's wonderful to think that every single herb and spice packs a huge amount of different benefits! Get spices and herbs in wherever you can. They also help to reduce the amount of salt necessary to maximise flavour.

Chocolate Temptations

Most people would agree that chocolate falls into the category of comfort food, but it isn’t milky stuff that you need if you want to enjoy true comfort. Dark chocolate can help to make you feel calm and less anxious, though the sweet stuff that you find in many shops will contain high-levels of sugar that counteract this effect. It’s always worth looking for raw chocolate, giving yourself the chance to make the most of the calming effects of this substance. Cacao nibs are a great option and can be used as an oatmeal topper or stirred into brownie mixes.

Green Tea

Much like herbs like chamomile, green tea will have a calming effect on most people. This option is great because it is easy to make and consume, giving you the ability to enjoy its calming influence when you are out and about. Of course, it’s always with exploring the market when you search for products like these, as you may find some options that you like a lot more than others. Many tea companies produce blends that make it nice and easy to get started with green tea. I am a huge fan of Pukka as their teas are organic and delicious (no affiliation!)


CBD has grown in popularity by a huge degree over the last few years. An extract from hemp and cannabis, this substance comes with all of the calming effects of something like cannabis without the chemicals that make people high. Anxiety and CBD have been closely linked by many experts, with CBD having the power to help people to overcome their stress without having to resort to strong medicines to do it. CBD is completely legal in most places and can be cooked into just about any type of food.

As you can see, finding true comfort food in the modern world is easier than ever before. While this may be the case, many people still find themselves struggling to achieve what they want with this, and this often creates additional challenges that simply don’t need to be there.

We have everything we need in the natural world! Oh and don't forget to breath those long, deep, beautiful breaths and get outside in nature for some additional calming fixes.


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