Natural Ways To Relieve Your Joint Pain

by - October 21, 2021


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Joint pain is common, especially as we age. Knee pain is a common complaint but we can also experience pain around the joints in our arms, shoulders, and hips too. I experienced hip pain this year and found great relief from seeing a chiropractor and adopting a diet high in anti-inflammatory foods including reducing sugar, cutting out alcohol and eating mostly plant-based.

In some cases, joint pain is due to the natural wear and tear in our bodies. However, certain health conditions, such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and gout can also be to blame. Workout injuries are another common cause of joint pain, which is why we should always be mindful not to push our bodies too hard. 

If you are experiencing persistent joint pain, it's important to visit your doctor. You may have caused damage to a particular joint if you have been in an accident or you may be suffering the symptoms of one of the health-related conditions we previously referred to. 

It is possible to relieve joint pain via medication. However, there are natural ways to relieve joint pain too. These include the following. 

#1: Warm up or cool down your joints

Applying something warm or cold to your painful joints can ease the discomfort you feel. 

Heat increases blood flow to sore muscles and loosens stiff joints and this does much to relieve the painful sensations you may be experiencing. A warm compress, such as an electric heating pad, or a hot water bottle (with a towel around it) can be used to apply warmth to your body. A hot bath can also work wonders. 

If your joints are inflamed, a cold compress can reduce inflammation and ease the pain. It can also interrupt pain signals by slowing your nerve impulses. Ice packs are an effective form of cold compress although you can also make your own if you don't have an ice pack to hand. 

#2: Gently stretch your body

The last thing you might think about doing is stretching your body when it is in pain. However, physical inactivity can make your pain worse so it's important to flex your body a little. Provided these are gentle stretches and not anything too strenuous, you will increase your body's range of motion and relieve the pain you're feeling. Speak to your doctor or physical therapist about the types of exercise you should be considering. 

#3: Use a CBD-related product

Research has shown that CBD can help with some forms of joint pain, including that which is experienced by arthritis sufferers. CBD can be inhaled via a vape pen, taken in liquid form, or applied to the skin with a patch or CBD Muscle Balm. If you experience unpleasant side effects you should stop using the product immediately. However, in most cases, CBD is safe to use, provided you follow the instructions that come with your purchase. 

#4: Enjoy a massage

A therapeutic massage can loosen your tight muscles and get your blood flowing, and if done correctly, can work to relieve the pain you are feeling. You can visit a professional for a massage if you choose to. However, there are also ways to self-massage, which can be useful when you need quick relief at home. 

These are some of the ways to relieve your joint pain. Consider each the next time your body starts to ache but remember to still visit your doctor if pain persists, as you may also need medical attention. 

Stay bouncy!

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