Review of INSOMNIA Cold Pressed Coffee

by - January 10, 2022


EXTREME CAFFEINE! Yes I am up for trying that, I thought. Insomnia? Not so much! Intrigued? Read on...


Claiming to be 4 x stronger than average coffees, The Black Insomnia Coffee Company have created a smart-looking can of cold pressed coffee that's all natural and additive-free. 

As someone who drinks coffee regularly throughout my working day as well as at weekends (all the time then) I was keen to see how this was. Bear in mind it was also a risk because I generally am very boundaried about my coffee intake and while absolutely loving it and having upto 4 cups a day, I have a strict cut off point of 4pm because of the caffeine half life and how it can interfere with sleep and sleep being the most precious and delicious restorative thing.  So I decided to try this at midday and hope that Insomnia would remain as catchy branding and not become a reality! I read that if your caffeine tolerance is already good (tick) you should be fine. However if your intake is more on the minimal side, be sure to have this in the morning as to prevent sleep evasion and be sure to drink plenty of water.

I turned it into a protein smoothie (recipe below) by blending all the ingredients listed and it tasted incredible! I also tried it on it's own and it had a really nice flavour that was mellow and chocolatey. 


Makes about 2 x 250ml smoothies 

2 bananas

100ml oat milk

1 can Insomnia cold brew coffee

1 x scoop of protein powder (I currently use Bulk vegan soy)

2 tbsp maple syrup

2 tbsp crunchy peanut butter 

The result of this mad brew was a solid afternoon of productive, focussed work! I was really pleased! It also did not interrupt my sleep and I slept like a baby, going to bed at my normal time with no issues. 

I'm a huge fan of black coffee because I'm a huge fan of intermittent fasting (16:8/18:6) and have been fasting pretty much 5 x a week since April 2021 (dropped 13kgs over the last year!). When fasting I like to not consume more than 10 calories or else it breaks the fast so I live on water, black coffee and herbal teas until it's feeding time. So this is absolutely perfect if say you don't want to make another massive pot of coffee and you just want to grab a can and crack on or if say you're going to be outside/on the go you can stick it in your bag.  It's rare to see black coffee in cans in shops at the moment so I'm hoping this hits more UK shelves soon especially as fasting grows in popularity. Thirsty? Get yours here.

Would you try it? Leave a comment!

Lots of love

Jenna x

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