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Breakfast is the best meal of the day. It's the most satisfying as you are literally breaking your fast. Everyone should wake up to something meaty in the morning. 

Cereal and milk is so lame! 

So many people skip breakfast and there are fair enough reasons (only joking its pure laziness) but the reason it's the most important meal as it sets you up for the day. Those who eat breakfast (especially protein) consume less calories throughout the day than those who skip it. Breakfast like a King, lunch like a Queen, dinner like a pauper!

Protein comes in many forms other than meat so no sweat if you're a veggie or simply don't fancy it in the morning. You can combine the following vegetable proteins to make a complete protein
Check this out, by containing foods from two or more than the columns you are creating a complete protein: 

BarleyBeansSesame seeds
BulgurLentilsSunflower seeds
CornmealDried peasWalnuts
BuckwheatChickpeasPumpkin seeds
RiceSoy productsOther nuts

However quinoa is a complete protein on its own! Click here to see my post on quinoa pops, a delightful version of coco pops/rice crispies

Badboy Breakfasts:

  • Kippers in Pitta Bread (gluten-free optional)
Grab yourself some of those boil in the bag kippers. They are super cheap. gluten free pitta breads, some leaves (watercress, rocket or spinach) and a lemon. Bang the kippers in a pan to boil and toast the pitta bread. Be careful with the toasted pittas as they can be hotter than the sun inside. Slice them open down one side, and when the kippers are done (about 5 mins) get a kipper inside, whole. Stuff loads of the leaves into the bread too and then squeeze the lemon all over it and some black pepper. 

This might stink your kitchen out for a bit. If you can't deal with intense fish first thing in the morning, maybe have it for brunch. Don't forget to floss.

  • Mackerel on Toast
Smoked mackerel is the best for this. One of my all time favourites, for any time of the day, is toast covered in hot horseradish sauce, then sliced cooked beetroot, watercress, spinach or rocket (or all three) and then smoked mackerel, a squeeze of fresh lemon and some black pepper. Fit. Please try it!

  • Bacon with Baked Mushrooms and Tomatoes
On the vine cherry tomatoes are the best. Medium-size closed cup chestnunt mushrooms. Put them in an oven tray and drizzle with rapeseed or olive oil, salt and pepper. I use rapeseed  for cooking as it has a higher smoking point, meaning it is better for you. See my ingredients post for more info. Put the oven on about 180 and cut the fat off the bacon. Grill the bacon (as much as you want) while the veg is roasting. You can add some quartered red onions and garlic too if you want. Toast is optional :)

  • Perfect Poached Egg
Boil the kettle. Fill a pan with the boiled water and put it on a low heat. You don't want it to go boil crazy, just keep it hot. Stir the water round and round with a spoon and then crack the egg into the whirlpool. Bang a lid on straight away. It will be done by the time your toast is done. 


  • Frozen Berries with Yoghurt and Oats
Get the berries out of the freezer and put a big handful in a bowl to give them a chance to start defrosting while you get the rest ready. Add some muesli (the food doctor do a tasty range - expensive though) Waitrose has a massive range of good muesli (ones where sugar isn't the second fucking ingredient!) or just make your own. My brother and his wife make their own and it's wicked. They add pumpkin seeds, dried apricots, and whatever other goodies they want to (dates, figs, seeds, dried fruit, nuts). Then add a big dollup of yoghurt. I have soya yoghurt (which makes it vegan) but you can of course use whatever yoghurt you want and give it a stir. 

Then top with chopped, mixed nuts and a spoonful of honey. You might wanna let it sit for a few minutes so the berries aren't completely frozen. The berries are so cool as they defrost and mix with the yoghurt they dye the whole thing purple which  leads me onto...

  • Purple Porridge
This is so good in the winter before work! It sorts you out! Don't eat it in bed though or you will never get up! Put a cupful of wholegrain oats into a pan. cover it with half water and half soya milk and put it on a medium heat. Add a handful of frozen berries. Stir it up. You may need to add more milk or water if it gets too dry and the berries havent defrosted yet but they should be cool. Its normally only the blackberries (if they are big boys) that take the longest. Add some cinnamon and nutmeg and some chopped mixed nuts. Finish with whatever else you want to add, maybe some chopped apple or pear? and a spoonfull of honey. Nice

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