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Here are some fat treats that are made from all the wrong things for all the right people...

Fat Boy - On A Diet

This is an epic birthday cake I made from a recipe found on BBC food. It's hazelnut merringue, topped with brownie, topped with rasberry cream. 

Chocolate & Beetroot Cake
 (Would you believe?)

Yeah it's probably not that shocking now but it seemed so novelty when I made it last year! Messy too, it's like working with blood! (not that I do that often) The beetroot is really subtle and it's the white chocolate and creme fraiche icing (with galaxy bits and beetroot colouring) that wins gold :)  Here is the finished product:

The next morning... the coca powder has been absorbed by the cake to make it extra chocolatey.

Black Forest Gateau

The best bit about this, for me as with most cakes, was decorating it. Fresh cherries, some winter forest fruits, and if I remember correctly, grated Green & Blacks milk and dark chocolate. I actually made this one and then another little square one which I gave to my brother and his wife, who pressed it into their faces in about 10 seconds. 

Talking of those two, here is their wedding cake, chocolate sponge cake covered in white chocolate....

Chocolate and Raspberry Pavlova 
- and I'm still shit at getting meringues to rise!

Ace of Mistakes

This is a cake inspired by Ace of Cakes that my best friend Alison (called Sally for age-old reasons that we can't even remember) and I (Leone - Spell 'Jenna' on predictive text and you always get Leona, so Leone for short) made. Sugar rush!

Very Chocolatey, Messy Chocolate Orange cake with Fresh Orange Zest

Dark Chocolate and Khalua Cake

 I made this for my friend, Jai, as she was cooking me salmon and asparagus for dinner (she definitely didn't buy the salmon pre-marinaded for sainsburys and claim it as her own). It is either egg or flour free, I can't remember! 

It was good though...

We Are All Tarts

This is something made by my housemate, Helen. We bought the pastry cases from Morrisons and then filled it with a mixture of lemon curd, marscapone and fresh lemon juice. Spooned it into the tartlets and then piled fresh berries ontop and refridgerated it. Ate it whilst playing articulate. Good times.

Rocky Road

Ha, the name is apt because I made this after a very heavy night out at Hospitality. So simple though, so it was fine. White chocolate featuring pistaccios, dried cranberries and strawberries, marshmallows, turkish delight, maltesers and magic stars! oh and don't forget the love ♥

These are some really sweet, gluten-free cakes from the Brighton Farm Market, every Sunday on North Road. 

It's an amazing little place. Absolutely buzzing and full of really interesting produce, such as dehydrated kale crisps! Check out:
for more information.

I recently stumbled across Arty Cakes, a company from Manchester, who make such pretty cakes. Check out this beaut, for example:

Which have definitely inspired me. I hope this inspires you and I would love to hear about and see what you come up with. Get Baked.

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