La Muscle - Barcelona

by - November 10, 2012

Last night we went out for our first proper meal out (because I don't count Fresco as a proper eatery (all you can eat salad and soup buffet with optional pizza) it's more of a convenience. So Liam took me to his favourite restaurant in Barcelona, La Muscle.

It's a cool concept for a restaurant, very simple yet effective. They serve mussels with a variety of different sauces or toppings as you can see below there is:

Marinera which could just be straight up, roquefort cheese, white wine, lime, cheese and ham, cider, steamed with beer and chilli, steamed, curry, bolognase etc (can't translate anymore!) There were loads more options on the menu, I would say about 20 options in total or more.

Get your Spanish translation on!

Basically it is saying that the Mussel is a boss member of the crustacean family and is rich in protein yet low in calories. Providing various vitamins and an abundance of minerals. We know this. Also it says that chips originated in Belgium. It's written in Catalan though so we are not 100%. It could be saying if you read this you are gay like when people write that in the park with a sharpee and then you read it and are like 'oh'. 

We had starters (I OF COURSE HAD A LEFFE! WAS SO CHUFFED TO SEE THAT BABY ON THE MENU!) Liam went with Patatas Bravas which was a safe option and familair with the days working at English Summer and I ordered the green stuff. Whole fried peppers sprinkled with paprika. The bread stuff was complimentary and was standard bread rubbed with tomato. The peppers were a bit too greasy and became a challenge after a while but I liked how they were kept whole. Liam kept looking around with a hungry face but we didn't need to watit too long before the  mussels were en route. 

Liam went for a Parmesan sauce and I chose the Vapor Cervecera which translates to 'steamed mussels brewer' basically they're cooked in beer and chilli and I am definitely going to attempt it at home. 

 Liam's in Parmesan. Very good.

Chips made from potatoes with the skin left on! thank you! when will others learn that this is the way?!!! 

Overal a great experience. Massive portions, really nice atmosphere, great service and reasonably priced (20 euros each including two starters, mains, and two drinks each) 

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