Return of the Mack

by - September 17, 2014

Hi friends. Since the last few solid posts, I've been in a few set-ups that have ended up with me neglecting this in a school with no kitchen for eleven months...then travelling for four months... then coming back and working at an amazing champagne and oyster restaurant being too busy seeing everyone and working to pay off the travel debt -  Every spare minute was spent smooching, boozing and snoozing.

Travelling was tasty. Through North and South America, we visited New York City, San Francesco, L.A - Venice beach, Las Vegas, San Diego, Rio De Janeiro, Ilyha Grande, Florionopolis,  Iguazu falls, Salta, The salt flats of Uyuni, La Paz, Cusco and Lima.

If you want a little insight into the jokes and absurd situations we experienced, you can visit my travel blog here at http:\\ but please don't expect travel magazine style reviews of tropical paradises. We're talking dickheads we met and pissed adventures.

People go away to 'find themselves' right? Shuttup you absolute geek. We went away and got a sick tan and came back being that twat that starts every sentence with "yar so when I was in XXX..."

I also discovered perfect clarity on what food I could eat for the rest of my life without ever wanting anything else.
I wanna share the ill culinary behaviour (good food) with you and shape up and share some of my own recipes. You can track the mission towards the next adventure, get inspired to eat better and more adventurously and become healthier and sexier in the meantime.

Uyuni, Bolivia

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