The Moonstone, Hove

by - September 17, 2014

Wow. What a fantastic restaurant. Reasonable prices, Delicious food (yes capital D) and super friendly great happy smiley efficient service. Never had Sri Lankan food before so was intrigued... Result was a kind of Thai - Indian fusion. Amazing. 

We shared a warm sardine salad which was perfect. Said deep fried on the menu so was expecting batter (was gonna be a cool girlfriend who isn't weight conscious and not care) but when it came it was just pan fried, result. £4.50 and we got two whole sardines. Lush.

We both had seafood curry. Me tuna steak, we're talking fat chunks of steak, the boy had king prawns. Really light lemony curry finished with fresh coconut. Shared a garlic lemon rice and had a mango and tomato salad with a spicy yoghurt dressing on the side. The waitor asked us how hot we wanted it and it came exactly as ordered and in a good amount of time. £11 each. Salad was £4.50.
Lovely atmosphere, great food, nice guys. They cater for vegans, vegetarians, gluten free and dairy free and its light on the digestive system, affordable, different and modest.
The Moonstone, Church Road, Hove.

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