Warm Mushroom, Spinach and Apple Salad with Crispy Bacon and a Soft Boiled Egg

by - December 26, 2014

Paleo Brunch Idea#2

Everyone loves eggs and bacon in the morning. There are plenty of ways to have it but if you are looking for a no-carb/gluten-free/paleo/healthy option, which is also BUFF then HERE is a creation for YOU.

Apple? you say. Well pork and apple goes together like rain and an umbrella, there's flavour combinations all over. A bite of garlicy mushrooms, spinach and egg, a bite of sharp, sweet apple and smoky bacon. YES and the other texture combinations - the crispy bacon against the soft egg - just make it!

I used:

Half a pink lady apple - she was very obliging and didn't feel used in the slightest
Two rashers of smoked bacon
One egg
A handfull of mushrooms
A big handfull of spinach
One clove of garlic
Olive oil


Grill the bacon 'til it's crispy as you want.
Boil your eggs in boiling water for 5 minutes.
Fry the garlic in olive oil. Add the mushrooms then the apple
Take out your eggs and place in cold water for two minutes. In this time add the spinach to the frying pan - you dont want this shit overcooked.
Chop up your bacon.
Plate up your salad, scatter the bacon over it and then peel one end off the egg after cracking it.
Scoop the rest of the egg out and place on top.


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