Grilled Huss with Spicy Peanut Lentils and Tzatziki

by - January 19, 2015

This was an experiment. My brother gave me some Huss, also known as dog fish or rock salmon because its like a ROCK. If you like monkfish and other meaty fish, this is for you. It's boneless, cheap, underrated and sustainably fished. Its full-flavoured so it can take other strong flavours and worked well in this dish. It's like a little shark to look at and it's flesh is pinky coloured due to it's diet of crustaceans (this is also why flamingos are pink*). I'd never had it before but as I'm not a massive fan of white fish (generally find it boring) I wasn't overly hyped but gave it a go as follows:

Red lentils
Nutter Butter
Some dog fish (let's call it dog fish, envisage a  fun hybrid animal)
Some shop-bought Tzatziki (this is basically natural yoghurt, mint, cucumber and olive oil)
Lemon zest
Green veg of your choice

Put your lentils on to boil
Shove the dogfish under the grill
Get your veg in a steamer

When the lentils are done (20 mins) drain them and then mix in a little bit of nutter butter. Remember it is SERIOUS stuff. Place the grilled fillet on top and then dollop on some tzatziki and finish with a touch of lemon zest. I dressed my brocolli in sea salt and olive oil too.

The verdict? absolutely loved the texture, meaty, chewy and very satisfying. Will definitely try it again this space.

*The distinctive pink flamingo colour develops due to their diet which mostly consists of shrimp and algae. These are high in cartenoids, which are pigments. These cartenoids are the same pigments that cause prawns to turn from grey to pink when cooked!

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