Quinoa Pops! Fun, Quick, Protein-Packed Breakfast

by - January 19, 2015

Quinoa pops!

I found these little cuties at an international supermarket at the weekend. Ingredients: 100% quinoa. Think sugar puffs or rice crispies with absolutely no crap and instead a whole lot of protein, fibre and more. Always on the lookout for new breakfast ideas that are fast, cheap and filling and can be dressed up with whatever you want. Protein keeps you full!

We all know that blueberries are probably the most nutririous fruit accesible to us in the UK but if you have forgotten just how good bananas are, in their little underrated smelly skins that make your bag stink if you forget they're in there click here to see a previous blog post listing their numerous benefits. You may find they can sort out your ailment once and for all. 
Its also nice to find a live yoghurt which doesnt have sugar as the second ingredient. This brand are nicely packaged and tasty with their second ingredient being rasperries. Live yoghurt brings a load of probiotics into your system, protecting you from catching colds and getting ill. The only sick you will be if you eat this is SICK AT LIFE ;-)

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