Red Lentil Fritters with Raw Sprout Salad (Vegan)

by - April 02, 2015

Little guilt-free deceptively beige biscuits that are nourishing yet appealing to children! Make them as spicy as you like and cool them down with yoghurt or set them off against some sweet chilli sauce. Great finger food ideal for buffets.

Super easy - you just need to blend the lentils in a food processor with a bit of water and then add whatever you like to the mix before shallow frying. The cool thing is, you don't neeeeed an egg to bind it - I was a little hesitant about not putting one in but trusted other recipes online and without was a success.

For the Lentil Fritters: Soak them for as long as you can and then whizz a cup or so of lentils in a food processor with enough water to cover them.

Drain the excess water and return to blender before adding whatever spices you want - I used some smoky paprika, fresh chilli, cumin, sea salt, ground coriander and spring onion. 
Heat some glugs of rapeseed oil in a pan (get it really hot) and spoon the lentil mix in. Upon contact it should hiss and this will make the fritters firm and crispy on the outside. They will take about 2 minutes on each side. Make sure you turn them over in the order you put them in so they are all even and you know what's what in the pan.

In the meantime get your salad together. I had some super sprouts to throw in. Sprouted seeds contain many many nutrients. They are full of antioxidants, minerals and are very cleansing for the body. If you can, get them into your life.

Make yourself a delicious colourful salad with whatever you have: I used cucumber, Marconi sweet red pepper, mushrooms, rocket, carrots and red cabbage all raw. Raw food is SO GOOD for your body - it's extremely cleansing for the blood, skin and digestive system, it will give you lots of natural energy and the high alkaline levels. Too much acid (caused by fatty, cooked foods and other toxins such as alcohol) is the biggest cause of weight gain and health problems. Cooking foods, especially vegetables, destroys essential enzymes and vitamins. 90% of vitamin C is lost through cooking! IF YA DONT KNOW, NOW YA KNOW! your body will feel so nice after eating this, especially if you find plenty of reasons to indulge in all the delicious other poisons.

Foods containing high levels of vitamin A, however, (carrots, spinach), are better absorbed when cooked a little. So don't worry toooo much!

You will know when your patties are cooked because they will be firm and golden. Place them on a little kitchen towel to absorb some of the excess oil and the plate up!
I chose to serve mine with yoghurt and chilli sauce and a spritz of lemon and it worked deliciously.

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