Mango & Almond Energy Bites

by - July 23, 2015

Mango and almond energy bites with coconut oil

Simple yet versatile, these sweet little natural truffles serve as breakfast fuel, a mid-afternoon pick me up or an after dinner treat. 100% raw. Chocolate optional!

I love all the bars and snack packs that are so widely available now - from the likes of Nakd and Rude Health, that contain little more than three ingredients and are so innocent it hurts. They are inspiring in their simplicity and allow you to believe that you too can create little snacks (how hard can it be to form three ingredients into a bar shape?) - and save a whole lot of plastic packaging while you're at it AND not be restricted by their flavour combinations by having full creative licence of your own. Sorry Nakd and Rudehealth! don't mean to put you out of business, you're doing a great job. 

These can be taken to work to munch on throughout the day and will help you say no to the crap going round the office that is so hard to resist when it's 4pm and you had lunch at 12pm! Pop them into kids lunch boxes and they can show off to their friends that they have magic mango bombs.

Or break them out after dinner! wahey guilt free dessert!

I decided I wanted a mango base instead of dates because everyone uses dates and mango is lush. The results were divine. Have a bash and let me know how you got on or any suggestions for variations! 

To make 8

100g dried mango - available in most supermarkets
One large (female) handful of raw almonds
2 Tbsp Melted coconut oil

Dark chocolate to finish (optional)

All you need to do is melt your coconut oil and blend it along with the almonds and mangos until it's all finely chopped. Then squish into balls and dust with grated dark chocolate - or coconut flakes if you want to stay totally raw/paleo/good. 


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  1. Oh my god these looks incredible! I've never heard of anything like this before and I never would have thought of putting the two together myself but they look so nice! xxx

  2. Hi Grace
    Thank you! You should try it! All you need is a blender then you get just get most of the ingredients quite easily. Another one I want to try is dates, cacao nibs and peanut this space! Or maybe you should give it a go and send me a pic!? x