Wedding Food

by - July 15, 2015

a platter of turkish cous cous, rare beef, raw slaw, beetroot and horseradish hummous, crudites and cream cheese stuffed pepeprs

Iain and I catered for The Bevvy's first wedding - we were both commissioned to come up with a range of desserts to feed 70.... The result was a colourful, healthy feast; a success for the pub's first catering feat and a happy couple! 

Iain from The Seven Bees manning the BBQ with delicious homemade beef burgers and my favourite, a halloumi, cabbage, carrot and mint burger. 

Long green peppers stuffed with cracked black pepper cream cheese and finished with paprika
Cream cheese & cracked black pepper peppers

Back left: Turkish cous cous, roast mini potatoes, crudites for homemade beetroot and horseradish hummous, stuffed peppers, cucumber cups, raw 'slaw and bruschetta.

tuna and mixed peppers mixed with spicy mayonnaise stuffed into little cucumber cups
Tuna and mixed pepper stuffed cucumber cups

a thank you for catering for their wedding

Brighton's first co-operative pub: The Bevvy
This is the start of many more events to come for The Bevvy - Brighton's first co-operative pub, promoting a sense of community, care and understanding towards providing food and events in accessible ways. 

A beautiful, clean dining space complimented the food and merry guests.

If you are looking for a venue for a wedding, contact The Bevvy Pub on Facebook here  or for food and catering services, if you like what you have seen here or anywhere else on this blog, contact me directly by clicking here. 

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