PRIMAL EYE: The Perfect Primal Roast

by - November 12, 2015

Tangy Bramley apples cut through the creamy fatty pork belly and the soft roasted veg, lightly seasoned with chilli, provide that warmth and comfort that we so crave in November.

Yes, the nights have officially drawn in, the light has dipped, the root vegetables are harvesting, and it’s cosy inside. We’re craving extra sleep, warmer clothes, and energy-dense food to fuel us through autumn into winter. We work all week and here in England we like to reward and refuel ourselves on Sunday with the nation’s favourite meal: a roast – license to eat.

I think roasts should be big, if you can’t pig out (mind the pun) on a roast, what else is there? Most of the time if you’re cooking a roast, the day is centered around it – it’s ceremonious, social and super rewarding. Historically it was big to reward those fasting before it for religious reasons as it was served after church. It’s normally around late afternoon so mornings and prep time is spent grazing or eating little as you know you’re ‘having a roast later’ and due to the grand scale of it, no one’s cooking dinner afterwards. It’s efficient, one meal for the whole day!

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