Spiced Apple & Cranberry Porridge With Maple Syrup

by - January 14, 2016

This Twist On a BBC Food Recipe Only Takes 15 Minutes And Will Have You Warmed Up In No Time!


Yes, OK, I know I've done a double maple syrup recipe post but there's just something going on right now which seems to require it.

Seasonal produce make the best meals. Apples are in. Cranberries are in. Cranberries are for the whole of winter, not just for Christmas. Give them some attention.

Oats are packed full of soluble fibre so they keep you satiated for AGES. Cheap too because I know you're feeling the pinch, right?

This lot takes 15 minutes to put together and you deserve maple syrup because you're doing so well. January is a tough one and you're nearly half way through! So have loads. You'll need it to balance the TART cranberries anyway.

Cool, let's do this!


To make the compote:
2 handfuls of fresh cranberries
1 apple - cored and chopped into small chunks
2 tsp mixed spice
100ml water

Oats - I use jumbo rolled organic yo 
Enough water to cover them


Boil your water and add the chopped apple and the cranberries

This needs to bubble away with the mixed spice until it's all softened up

While this is bubbling away get your porridge done.
Cover your oats in cold water and bang on a low heat, stirring until it's as thick as you want

Lump the porridge into a bowl, top with the compote then drizzle your maple syrup! 


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