Sloe Gin & Lemon Fizz Cocktail

by - January 22, 2016

sloe gin and lemo fizz cocktail recipe

Did you make sloe gin in the Autumn? If you did, you'll know it's well worth the effort of beating the bushy brambles and getting your shoes muddy for the deep purple berries which turn from sour little twits into a divine boozy nectar when paired with a little sugar and gin. If not however, grab a bottle from the supermarket and whip up this little number for a refreshing cocktail which won't make you fat...

sloe gin and lemon cocktail recipe

Who needs an excuse for a cheeky cocktail? This is perfect to impress the girls if you're having a private party without spending too much dollar. Going out for cockys is always expensive unless you hit up a two for one place and even then they always take so long to be made #impatient. 

Make your own!

sloe gin bottle berries

Sloe gin takes about two months to brew and sloes are out in autumn time (Sept - Nov) so put it in your diary and get on it next time if you missed the last batch. I made three bottles this year and they're lush to just break out if you feel like you need a warming little shot of deliciousness. No worries if you didn't make your own, most large supermarkets have a form of sloe gin which costs about the same as making it does anyway.


Juice of one lemon
50ml Sloe Gin
As much soda water as you want to top it up with (dilute to whatever strength you like)
Sprig of rosemary (optional)

cut lemon slices

lemon juice juicer squeeze

lemon garnish cocktail raw rhubarb

ice in a glass

I used a peeler to create a cute little lemon garnish before squeezing a lemon and adding it to the ice, topping it up with soda water and then drizzling with the sloe gin. It's so cool watching it turn from an opaque pale yellow colour to a hot pink and hearing it fizz over the ice.

Throw in a rosemary sprig to mix add some interest. Note - it doesn't change the flavour that much so if you want to add it just for visuals but don't like the idea of the taste, go ahead. Similarly if you do like the taste add a bigger sprig and embrace the herby twist! 


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