What To Do When You Just Want To Run Away

by - February 03, 2016

Your mind is full of thoughts which are seeming to overwhelm you. You try to focus on tasks but you can't. Your sleep is disturbed and your waking thoughts are compulsive. What the hell is the answer?

Fight or flight is a response mechanism we humans have to protect us from harm. When we feel intimidated, scared, overwhelmed or threatened we choose one of the two in order to change the situation. Flight’s aim is to get away. Fighting aims to beat it.

We’ve all felt the need to just get up and go. Flee. Go where? Anywhere. Just to get away.

Have you ever felt like your own thoughts could swallow up your entire being? That they were controlling and consuming you? It can be a very intense, overwhelming experience which feels like it will never end. When it feels like everything is going mad around you and the only way out is as far away as possible, to leave it all behind. I can tell you now that it will pass and you will look back on this time with wisdom and a stronger sense of self. You may even laugh about it.

Everything happens for a reason and what you are experiencing now is teaching you something. Listen to it. Mistakes are there to be made so that we can learn from them. Stop giving yourself a hard time if you can’t make your mind up one way or another, life is full of choices and it takes practise to become good at confidently making decisions. [Click here to read: Review of “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying” for some inspiration about clearing your house of ‘stuff’ based on one simple principal: whether you love it or not]

Sometimes we need something bigger to happen to achieve clarity and perspective. Something to trivialise what we are experiencing. We need to “zoom out” and see the grand scheme of things. Sounds easy doesn’t it? How about If shit went down right now and you had 1 year left to live. What would you want to do? How would that change the predicament you are in?

The best place to start is to find a place which contains empty space. I have often made the mistake of searching for answers whilst pouring over articles listing reasons for and against each possible answer - these only add to the confusion. We are lucky to have access to many self-help articles on the Internet and in numerous books. There will also be friends and family who will advise you different things and you’ll tend to avoid asking the ones who speak the truth because often it can be too hard to hear. Can you relate to that? Finding an empty space that is quiet and calm (the sea if you are close) brings nothing extra into your mind. Blank spaces, like when you close your eyes, serve only to reflect your thoughts and provide an empty canvas for you to apply those thoughts onto, in a neater arrangement than inside your head.

Only you have the answer, as frustrating as that is to hear, and by reading this you already know it. You know it and it’s nine times out of ten the more difficult path to take, that is why you are searching for an article to make you feel better for sticking to the easier route and that is why nothing great is achieved without risks, work and a little sacrifice. Save the flights for holidays.

You know what to do. Now go and do it.


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