7 Energy Boosting Portable Paleo Snacks

by - February 07, 2016

7 Energy Boosting Portable Paleo Snacks

Eating Paleo isn’t as convenient as other diets and quite often the place where people fall down is when they are on the hunt for a quick fix in between meals. The snack market is, in my opinion, still very underdeveloped and largely saturated with grain-based options such as oat or granola bars, making it even more difficult and confusing when faced with limited options. The answer? Preparation and a little insight into which foods provide the best energy boosts.

There are many processed foods which provide a lot of calories – such as biscuits, chocolate, fizzy drinks, etc. which are often misconceived to equal a lot of energy due to their high sugar content. Some people may believe that sugar gives you energy. The truth is that sugar gives you a false energy boost which results in your cells becoming starved when the rush wears off, resulting in that well known ‘crash’. Eating foods high in sugar in fact does the opposite and leaves you feeling sluggish and dependent on more sugar to regain the initial ‘high’.

For optimal energy metabolism – the process which converts food to energy, we need to consume foods which have a dense vitamin and mineral constitution and we all know refined sugar is not on that list. Foods high in antioxidants also work to eradicate fatigue by


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