VIDEO: Easy Butter Blended 'Bulletproof' Coffee

by - March 06, 2016

Want to know how to make the much talked about 'Bullet Proof Coffee' but without the expensive ingredients? Check out how you can do it using a blender, freshly ground coffee and some butter. 

It tastes amazing and as long as your coffee is good and strong, you'll be alert. If you have the brain oil and the coffee beans which makes it officially bulletproof, great, but I doubt you do. I don't. This way you get to have fun and still taste how creamy butter makes it. 

You can use around 25g of butter, grass-fed is preferable, per serving but feel free to use less or more depending on how creamy you want it. No need to add milk too! That's the whole point of this - you get the delicious creamy buttery fatty goodness without the shit that milk brings. It's richer and better for you. I used the Breville VBL062 Blend Active Personal Blender, 300 W - White/Green 

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