The Best Fats To Eat On The Paleo Diet & Where To Get Them

by - March 08, 2016

So. Let’s talk fat.Fat still gets a bad rap when in fact it should be whole-heartedly embraced! Not only is it super delicious – it also offers tremendous health benefits that make it one of the most important nutrients in our diet.

Let’s put fat back on the table. Our mission today is to unravel the myths which have led us to believe it’s bad for us and look at easy ways to incorporate fats into our daily diets.
Ready? Let’s go!

Why we need fats in our diet

When most people think of fat, they associate the word with the stuff we’re all aiming to have less of on our bodies. This is why it’s so easy for people to view fat negatively. After all, why would we want to ingest something so unappetising?
The thing is, we need fat. Not just to thrive – we need it to survive.


Too little fat in the diet can prevent vital fat-soluble vitamins and minerals from being absorbed properly. These include vitamin A, D & E which are essential for healthy skin, vision, circulation, clotting, bone health and mood.
What does this mean, tangibly?

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