Smoked Mackerel Pate - Jamie Oliver Recipe

by - March 22, 2016

Creamy smoked mackerel pate with fresh parsley and lemon is delicious served on hot buttered toast or crunchy little gem leaves if you're watching the carbs. Wash it down with a glass of beer and you're in Cornwall (almost)...

I think it's time to go home. To Cornwall. I have a yearning. I think it's the sea and the waves and the landscapes, the serenity, the sand, the cream, the little fishing towns. I haven't been back since 2012 and have been meaning to do a road trip for a while but time and money and things got in the way. Recent events have put things into perspective and it's time to really make doing things I love a priority. That includes surfing and being in the sea. You can't surf up here in Brighton, it's really flat all the time. Surfing near the West Pier or at the Marina Wall doesn't really appeal. The waves are nothing on Cornwall. 

Sennen Beach
I love Porthmeor in St Ives, Water gate bay in Newquay and my beloved Sennen beach. I learnt to surf at Sennen when I was 12 and went back to Newquay on surf trips as part of the surf club. So much fun. Lot's of hungover surfing, starting the day in the sea with a shot of tequila off the surfboard. Fond memories. A seagul shat on my face once and I didn't even mind.

I always find that I buy a pack of smoked mackerel fillets - there's normally about 4 in the pack, have one, have another and then leave the other two in the fridge for ages and then they get stale but it's because I don't want to eat mackerel 4 times in a week so what to do eh? 

Yes, Ok, mackerel pate is still eating mackerel but it's more FUN this way isn't it? It's not a fillet on it's own. It's mixed with cream cheese and lemon juice and fresh parsley and you can put it on whatever you want - be it bread, toast (ensure you butter both for maximum indulgence) or little gem lettuce like I've done here or simply oat cakes. You could even dip crudites into it. You're welcome. 

I can't wait for it to be mackerel fishing season again. Catching your own food is up there with the most satisfying, rewarding things in life. It's cheap too, especially if you invest in your own kit and don't have to pay to go on the boat trips - they are fun, though, and the men kindly untangle your line if you're shit at it, like I was. They also gutted the fish! Lucky! 

Boat tours go from the Marina and cost around £20 for 90 minutes. Keep what you catch. Just don't freeze it unless you've gutted it. Ew. Learnt that one. 

Always make sure you have adequate lemon because although the recipe includes lemon the pate itself, it always needs an extra kick. And extra parsley too. Why not, you'll have a surplus if you've bought a pack especially, use it or it'll just go brown in it's bag in the fridge again. Know what I mean? 

This recipe is by Jamie Oliver - The King of quick, healthy delicious meals. I didn't change it because he knows best. Why fix something that isn't broken!? (click here to go to the recipe) Cheers Jamie. 

Have you been to Cornwall? Where are your favourite places to surf in the UK? Let me know in the comments below or hit me up on social media for more fit food and fun 

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