Raw Rhubarb Has Been Nominated For The Drinks Cellar Food & Drink Blogger Awards!

by - June 28, 2016

The lovely people over at The Drinks Cellar have decided that RR deserves to be nominated for an award! 

This is CRAZY! 

The Drinks Cellar, an online purveyor of fine wines and spirits, is working in association with world-renowned French winemakers Luc Belaire to recognise the very best of the food and drink blogosphere.

 If you vote for me you can also win BOOZE....

I blame it on that beautiful Fuji X30 and what it's done for my pictures. So much love for that camera. 

So if you think that this blog deserves to win an award (Saaaay whaaaaat?!) then you can vote for it HERE on the 4th July (that's next Monday) 

Yes, I know it's a bit of a prickly time to be voting after last week's voting pandemonium, but it's a chance to vote for only good things; a chance to spread some positive love in the wake of all the chaos. 

For voting, you give me the chance to win LOADS of booze and possibly a bike (and lots of nice feelings of joy and happiness) and YOU can win 6 bottles of bubbly JUST FOR VOTING! So please vote if you like my food, photos, writing or have been inspired at all by this blog, I'd really appreciate it and hope to continue to keep on keepin' on for you, my lovely readers. 

Once again, click here to vote! (on the 4th July)

Thanks in advance


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