Chicken Mayo Celery Boats

by - October 23, 2016

Shredded roast chicken mixed with salt, pepper, mayo, cucumber and seeds sits on top of crunchy celery finished with lemon zest. Fresh. 

This is like a 'deconstructed' chicken sandwich, if you will. IMO the best chicken sandwich is made with warm roast chicken, lots of butter, a generous amount of salt and pepper, a big dollop of mayo and some cucumber. I was first made one of these when I was 16 and it stuck firmly in my mind leading me to always make myself one of these if I need comfort food or if I am sick. I made one last week actually and it looked like this:

Roasting a whole chicken is more cost effective than buying parts of the chicken. A whole chicken is around £5 and for that you get two wings, two legs, two MASSIVE breast portions at least and all the other meat to be picked off. Plus it smells amazing. Plus it's exciting having a whole chicken in the oven. Plus you can crisp up the skin. Plus you  get chicken for days. 

So, sexy chicken sandwiches aside. It's Monday, you've had an indulgent weekend, you want to have a light dinner, make yourself this.

First things first, GOT MAYO?

You will also need:

Chicken, obvs
Celery sticks - washed and trimmed 
1/4 a cucumber - diced
Handful of seeds for good measure and some good fats
Fat dollop of mayo
Salt and pepper
Lemon zest for fresh fresh freshness!

Mix all your stuff together in a bowl and then spoon onto the celery sticks and finish with the zest!


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