10 Muscle-Building Post-Workout Paleo/Ketogenic Meals

by - February 28, 2018

10 Muscle-building post-workout Paleo/Ketogenic Meals for those #gains

So you've smashed the gym, be it weight training, HIIT, CrossFit or any other exercise actually worth doing [click here to read how I dropped 2.5 stone in 12 months doing Body Pump] 

What are you gonna nosh on (in that golden 30 minute window) to build up those guns and refuel?

 Lots of fitness advice says refuel with carbs but the #KetoFam are cool with getting their carbs mostly from veg, a nice dose of good fats and of course lots of protein. 

Here's 10 simple ideas for you, if that's your style:

1. Baked chicken breast, token salad & stir-fried kale

2. Re-fried roast chicken with kale, red cabbage and broccoli. Fried in coconut oil; makes a huge difference, it's so fit.

3. Baked salmon salad, all pretty :) topped with ginger and almond butter dressing.

4. Baked salmon with sweet potato, beets, cream cheese picquante peppers and balsamic glaze. Oi oi!

5. Smoked salmon fillet, avocado smash with seeds and mixed leaves. Nb. Put loads of lemon in the avocado mix so that it cuts through that richness of the smoked salmon. Just put loads of lemon everywhere, all the time, alright?!

6. Proscuitto/ Parma ham wrapped 'shrooms filled with blue cheese and salad. Because you're worth it.

7. Slap-dash protein bowl: a pimped-up boiled eggs and salad. Seeds add extra fat and balsamic makes it all sexy.

8. Grilled turkey breast, guacamole, baked sweet potato, peppered buttery 'shrooms and a little red pepper for diversity. 

9. Pastrami wrapped crudites. Cute, colourful, little fun bites.

10. Baked chicken breast topped with garlic mayo and lemon juice with large green salad - no frills.

Leave me a comment if you'd like to know more on Ketogenic eating or how to make any of this in more detail.

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