The Foodie World Tour

by - February 27, 2020

The Foodie World Tour*

Food is undeniably one of the most amazing things in the world. There are few things better than sitting down to a delicious meal, and this is one of the few activities which just about everyone loves. Of course, though, for foodies everywhere, having the chance to try all of the food the world has to offer is a dream come true. You can stop dreaming, though, as this post is going to be exploring one of the best ways to taste everything Earth has to offer. I'm not even going to mention Italy or Japan as regular readers know how much I already love those cuisines so let's take a look at some of the underdogs when it comes to world food...

Cruises have long been a popular way to go on vacation, though a lot of people neglect the tasty side of a trip like this. Companies like Bolsover Cruise Club have worked tirelessly over the years to create a range of cruises which give you the chance to see as much of the world as possible. In just 33 short days, you could visit all of the locations in this post, tasting the delights they have on offer.

Hong Kong, China, & Singapore

Hong Kong is an international city, filled with people from across the globe. There are loads of food options available, and many of them are unique to this small region. China is much larger, and this means that the food options become even wilder. You can forget about the Chinese takeaways near you; they do it all wrong. Like Hong Kong and China, Singapore is an excellent place for foodies. Not only will you find local delights like no others, but you will also have the chance to try food from other places, too.

Malaysia & Sri Lanka

China and Malaysia share a lot of traditional food, though it would be a mistake to think that you can’t find anything unique here. Nasi lemak is a popular dish in this part of the world, consisting of rice, coconut milk, and pandan leaf, but you can find plenty more to sink your teeth into. Sri Lanka is also well-known for spiced rice dishes, but you will also find a lot of fish in this country, thanks to its proximity to the ocean.

United Arab Emirates

Dubai has become famous for offering a luxury experience to anyone who decides to stay within its borders. UAE has a lot more to offer than gold watches and fast cars, though, and Middle Eastern Food is found across this country. The country’s national dish is called Khuzi, and usually consists of slow roasted lamb on a bed of spiced rice, served with vegetables and nuts. Not only is this meal filling, but it is also delicious.


Oman is one of the smaller countries in the Middle East, and a lot of people haven’t heard of it. The city of Muscat is a great place for foodies who like their spice, with curries and soups being very popular, and rice wherever you look. Thanks to their history as a rich trading empire, Oman’s cuisine has been touched by countries across the globe, mixing traditional foods from their surrounding area with those found in places like Europe and Asia.


Maltese food has long been based on the seasons, with the availability of different ingredients changing through the year. Olives are very popular, along with fish pie and cheese soup, but you’ll find loads of treats hidden away if you decide to explore the restaurants and food places available in this part of the world. It's next on my list of European places to visit...


Like Oman, Portugal has long had a lot of trading partners around the world. This has created a wealth of different traditional foods, giving visitors loads to try. Cod is a popular main ingredient, but you will also find sandwiches and other dishes in this part of the world. Thanks to their coastal heritage, fish is found in many meals, but meat is still popular amongst a lot of the locals.


England is often viewed as a melting pot of different cultures, though there are a lot of foods in this part of the world which have been popular for a very long time. Roast dinners, fish and chips, and hearty soups can be found across the country, but you’ll also be happy to find restaurants and other food places dedicated to cuisines from across the globe.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling ready to start your world tour. Food has always been an incredibly vital part of human society, and most people enjoy tucking into a big meal. Of course, though, trying new things is always worth it, and you have to take this opportunity when you can.

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