Tips to Staying Fit During Quarantine

by - May 21, 2020

Tips To Staying Fit During Quarantine

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Since life as we know it has changed drastically in the past several months, it is almost impossible to go to your local gym. It may be tempting to lose your motivation or stop your fitness routine altogether but resist this. Here are some tips from expert personal trainers, or an expert PT, on how to stay fit and healthy during your stay-at-home order.

You Have To Eat Right As Well
You have to do more than just work out like a crazy person. You have to eat right in addition to working out. Allison Hagendorf, a certified health coach with the American Council on Exercise told Prevention, “Even if you are doing everything right in the gym if you are not eating to optimize your training, you are never going to get the results you want.” You should find ways to incorporate nutrient-rich whole foods into your diet like fruits, vegetables, seeds, and nuts and do not forget to drink a lot more water! Reducing alcohol also helps your muscles to stay strong while you are building them. Caffeine can be used as pre-workout fuel, but your best bet is to ensure you are hydrated. Then, eat a small snack such as a banana or tablespoon of peanut butter 30 minutes before.  If you have an hour before your workout, you can have a larger snack, such as a slice of wholegrain toast or a small bowl of cereal. Less is more and the more time you have to eat, the more complex (slow-burning) carbs you can have (think brown rice, oats) and do not forget to refuel! Eating a banana straight after a long run helps to replace your sugars and getting your protein hit is a must for building muscle and proper recovery.

Make Sure You Are Having Fun
If you have developed a routine at home, make sure it is something you consider fun or that you enjoy doing. If your workouts are too crazy and they make you wish you were dead, it is going to be difficult to stick with your workout regimen especially during these times when the gyms are closed. Your tough workouts might be beneficial for working toward your specific fitness goal, but make sure you are incorporating things you find enjoyable like dancing (I love a good home-rave), riding your bike, skateboarding or yoga (which comes in many difficulty levels to suit you).

Bigger Weights Do Not Mean Bigger Results
You may be used to the equipment found at your local gym, littered with huge weights and fancy machines. Though they make the workout process easier, you do not need them. Your workout can be just as effective at home as it is at the gym. You can do a series of mini circuits, or use common items like a table, couch, or chair to help you in your workout routines. Get creative! The possibilities are truly endless. Your body weight can be used for a variety of different exercises such as press-ups, wall sits and tricep dips.

Remember To Challenge Yourself
This is where accountability comes into play. If you know you have been slacking off in your routine because no one is there to keep you on your toes, do yourself a favour and go the extra mile a few times out of the week. No one is going to judge you! Going outside of your comfort zone is where you find results. You are doing this at home where the only person who may have something to say is your dog or cat. Now more than ever is a good time to try something you have never tried before. A motivation or empowerment coach can help you to stay accountable. 

Remember That Weight Loss Is Not Your Only Goal
Yes, it may be the most important goal for you, but it is not the only one. Your fitness journey is about your walk, or run, to a healthier lifestyle. Do not beat yourself up for your mishaps or missteps during the stay-at-home order. You have enough things to worry about. Keep your head up and continue to push through your goals a day at a time. A small victory is still a victory. The best way to lead a healthy lifestyle long term is to believe in what you're doing. Exploring what is important to you; your values, how you want to be going forward and taking incremental steps is the way to success. Sometimes all you need to do is start.

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