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by - August 27, 2020


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Sometimes, it may feel as though we are buying the same birthday gifts year in and year out. Luckily, there are numerous alternative gift ideas out there to choose from that will be sure to put a smile on your loved one’s face as well as make a positive impact to their health and wellbeing. No matter a person’s fitness level, receiving a gift that will benefit their wellbeing is one that will be appreciated and possibly even bought for someone else! To make it a birthday that they will remember, here are five mood-boosting gift ideas for your family and friends. 

New Gym Gear

Who doesn’t love receiving new gym gear? Often, it’s all we need to regain motivation to start running or hit the gym again. New gym attire will help your loved one feel great, powerful, and confident about themselves and keep them excited about getting fit again. Gifting an entirely new gym outfit can make them feel invincible and begin to realise their own capabilities and self-worth. 

Yoga Mat

Yoga mats can make for extremely versatile gifts - they don’t have to necessarily be used for yoga, they’re also great for warm ups before a run, ab workouts, and HIIT exercises. Yoga mats can be the perfect gift for those who want to start leading a fitter lifestyle but are intimidated by the gym. By thoughtfully gifting a yoga mat, you can try to introduce your loved one to exercises that can be performed at home to help them grow comfortable with working out before they buy a gym membership. 

Tea Sets

The benefits of tea go far beyond taste and refreshment; they also contain great hidden health benefits too. While certain types of brews provide more health benefits than others, there is an array of evidence to support that regularly drinking tea can have  long-lasting positive impacts on your wellness. Research has shown that regular consumption of  tea can hydrate the body, prevent tooth decay, boost memory power and even reduce the risk of serious diseases such as heart disease and cancer.  If your loved one is a brew fanatic, CBD tea can be an ideal gift to kick start their path to wellness. 

Smoothie Maker

If you have a friend or family member with a busy lifestyle who’s trying to diet or eat healthier, smoothie makers can be the perfect wellbeing gift. They’re the on the go solution to hitting key nutrient targets and can be a great “pick me up” before and after exercising. With the right ingredients, such as seeds, nuts, vegetables and protein powder, smoothies can also be an easy meal replacement to lose weight

Cook Books

Healthy cook books can be a great gifting choice for the foodie in your life. You’ll be helping to inspire them to cook delicious, wholesome meals from scratch that they can be proud of. Maybe it’ll help them to reimagine the scope of their cooking abilities, encourage them to try out healthier choices, or even create original nutritious recipes of their own! 


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