Taking Care of Your Mental Health in the Latest Lockdown

by - November 05, 2020

With a second lockdown due to come into force in England, many people are already worried about the impact the latest restrictions will have on their mental health. While Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have already imposed harsher COVID-19 restrictions, it’s expected that these will be extended too. If so, this means that the entirety of the UK will be entering the second lockdown of 2020.

Although lockdowns are necessary to prevent the spread of coronavirus, they can have a negative impact on your mental and emotional well-being. However, there are ways you can protect your mental health during the second lockdown, such as:

Focus on Fitness

Although leisure venues and gyms are set to close, at-home fitness and outdoor exercise is still permitted. This means you can focus on fitness and enhance your physical health while lockdowns are in force. While exercise is essential for good physical health, it also has a beneficial impact on your emotional well-being. By reducing stress, boosting your mood and relieving anxiety, exercise can transform your mental health and help you to cope with the challenges of a second lockdown.

Plan a Staycation

Being cooped up for long periods of time can be tricky, particularly as so many people have missed out on a holiday in 2020. While you won’t be able to travel during lockdown, you can enjoy a staycation in your own home. With camping in your garden, pasties by post (Proper job!!!) and even a sandpit, you can even recreate a trip to the beach! Although you won’t be able to go on a round-the-world trip this year, you can experience the culinary delights of a variety of countries. As you test out your own cooking skills and sample a range of local takeaways, you can make 2020 the year to enjoy as many different cuisines as possible.

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Try Meditation

If you haven’t already embraced meditation, it’s time to start. HeadSpace is a great place to start with guided meditation audio tracks that are perfect for beginners. It’s easy to learn how to quieten your mind and let go of stressful thoughts. You can incorporate meditation into your day-to-day activities, so it’s a great way to cope with stress and reduce anxiety. Regularity is key. What’s more – people of all ages can enjoy meditation, so it’s a great way to de-stress with the whole family. As a certified and qualified meditation instructor and empowerment coach, I love to integrate mindfulness into my practise when working with my clients. I have published my own recorded guided meditation for you here on Insight Timer.
You can also check out my 10-week Positive Mindfulness online one-to-one course here - it's a course that combines elements of Positive Psychology with Mindfulness and is tailored to you after our initial consultation. It's all delivered online so you can access it from anywhere. Meditation changed my life, which is why I trained to become a mindfulness teacher to help transform the mental wellbeing of others. 

Stay Social

You may not be able to see people face-to-face at the moment, but this doesn’t mean you can’t stay social. With video calls and virtual parties, it’s easy to stay in touch with the people you care about. In addition to this, sending a card or gift through the post can be a great way to bring a smile to someone’s face and let them know you’re thinking about them.

Coping with Another Lockdown

Although many people were dreading a second lockdown being announced, we’re more well-equipped to deal with the restrictions this time around. By embracing a new way of life for a short period of time, trying new things and setting yourself goals, you can minimise any worries surrounding the second lockdown and make positive changes instead.

Have a good lockdown! See you on the other side!
Jenna x

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