Digestive Herbs That Are Great for Your Health

by - February 25, 2021


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Did you know that serotonin - the neurotransmitter that can reduce anxiety and boost mood - is predominantly made in the gut? That’s why it’s so important to look after your gut health and feed your body the most nourishing food available to you.

A big part of this is digestive herbs. They are herbs and spices that can aid digestion and boost your gut health. Sound good? Here are some of the best to use:


A staple of Indian snacks and curried, turmeric is a super-spice that can relieve inflammation in the body - something for which it is perhaps best known. However, it’s also really good for your gut. Great for relieving signs of bloating and having anti-microbial properties, it is best taken in the form of food and drink such as curries or golden milk, but you can also buy it in capsule form if you prefer.


Ginger is a very warm herb that can soothe digestion, prevent feelings of nausea, and even help to fight certain stomach bugs. It’s particularly good at helping pregnant women deal with morning sickness and can be taken in many forms from crystallized ginger to ginger tea. Have some in your kitchen for whenever you’re feeling slightly sick and it will probably do the trick.


Caraway is good at stopping stomach cramps in their tracks. It can also, like ginger, help to relieve nausea, and like fennel, it can help to get rid of bloating by rapidly moving gas out of the bowel. The easiest way to take it when you need to is in the form of a tea.


Fennel tea is a go-to for anyone who’s feeling bloated snd wants to change that without using pharmaceuticals. Drink a cup and pretty soon your stomach will be feeling less swollen and you will start to feel less sluggish. As well a bloating, it can help to increase the production of breast milk and ease symptoms of colic, which is why it should be in every new mother’s kitchen.

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Not only is cinnamon a delicious spice that we could not live without in the form of pumpkin spice lattes, soy milk smoothies, and apple pie, but it is also a really good digestive herb that can hello to stimulate the appetite, fight Helicobacter pylori infections, and boost circulation in the body. You can never get too much cinnamon.


Allspice is great at settling an upset stomach. It contains a fair amount of eugenol, which promotes the production of digestive enzymes. It’s also a great antiseptic.


Garlic is fantastic for fighting off infections. It’s a known anti-microbial, which is why garlic-packed soup is such good medicine when you’re sick.  Not only that but it can help to boost gut health by encouraging the growth of good bacteria, and of course, it makes most things taste amazing!


Peppermint tea can ease wind and help to get rid of uncomfortable gas. It’s refreshing and also great at supporting liver function.

Time to have more herbs and spice up your life! (shake it to the left, if you're having a good time!)

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