Tips to Enhance Your Health and Overall Wellness

by - July 06, 2021


Tips To Enhance Your Health and Overall Wellness

When you talk to people about their goals in life, health and overall wellness are usually on the list. Even though people want them, doing the necessary steps to achieve them is usually an uphill task. And, this results in many failing to achieve the goals totally or doing it partially. 

Accomplishing wellness requires you to have the right mindset and determination to succeed. You can adopt a practice and be consistent in it over time to gain good health. Besides, you can change your habits to better your general well-being.

Here are the various ways you can use it to boost your health and wellness.

Increase Water Consumption

Hydrating is a better way to stay healthy and improve your general wellness. A person who takes 6 to 8 glasses of water tends to have glowing skin, making them appear younger. Besides, water is life, and 80% of your body comprises water, implying your life depends entirely on it. So, do the noble job of taking more water!

Get Enough Sleep

Getting to rest every time doesn't mean you get enough sleep. To be healthy, you need to sleep 7-9 hours every night. This way, your body will have enough time to rest and rejuvenate come morning for it to function well. 

If you struggle to sleep, consider yoga, taking a bubble bath, drinking chamomile tea, and many more to have a peaceful night's sleep. I personally restrict all caffeine after 2pm, wear ear plugs and an eye mask religiously each night and aim to be asleep by 11pm because between 11pm - 1am is when your adrenals do their recharging thing. What time you go to sleep really can make more of a difference to how refreshed you feel the next day rather than the amount of hours you get. Also, alcohol messes massively with sleep, contrary to some faux-pop beliefs that wine helps you sleep. It messes with your blood sugar and can wake you up. Avoid alcohol for at least 4 hours before bed, remember each unit takes an hour to metabolise and if it's metabolising while you are sleeping, it may cause a rubbish night's sleep. Abstaining from alcohol for long periods of time gives you some of the best sleep ever. It's a beautiful thing that can only be experienced after seven or more completely dry days as alcohol takes ten days to fully leave your system. Then, the more dry days you do, the better it gets!

Eat Healthily

A main way to enhance your health and wellness is through eating healthy foods. Food is a staple of health and gut health precedes brain health and mental health. It's up to you when you take your meals at the right time for you and in correct proportions. I am a huge fan of intermittent fasting (IF) which has many many health benefits including increased longevity and weight management as well as anti-aging, increased focus and decreases sugar cravings. Whenever you like to eat, whether in a restricted time window like IF requires or as you feel necessary, ensure you eat a balanced diet with fruits, many deeply and brightly coloured vegetables, and other subgroups, to get the required vitamins and nutrients. These are what will make your body strong and resistant to diseases. I like to break my fast with a high-protein smoothie. If you prefer, bowlfuls, consider Growli Muesli which is also a nutritious package offering the required nutritional values. 


Meditation has been a practice over the centuries. It has a lot of health benefits which in turn improves general well-being. You can take 5-10 minutes each day to meditate; the practice clears the mind and helps you regain self. 

Besides, meditation helps increase creativity, improve the immune system, lower blood pressure, and many more, boosting general health and wellness. It changed my life so much I decided to become a teacher of it and regularly help my coaching clients with mindfulness. You can find my free guided meditations here.

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Socialise Outdoors

Man is a social being since time immemorial. Hanging out with friends, family, and other people can increase your mood, boost creativity, improve your immune system and lower your stress levels. When you share ideas, laugh, and do all sorts of other things, you'll be revitalising your system. 

Besides, staying outdoors in the fields makes you breathe fresh air full of sufficient negative ions that boost oxygen flow to your brain. Sunlight gives you vitamin D that is beneficial for your bone health and it helps serotonin production. Doing this often will improve your general wellbeing and health altogether. Walking dogs is a great way to get outside often! And fun!


Enhancing your health and wellness can be achieved by simple practices every day. Doing one or two a day routinely will see you improve by a greater percentage. Keep going. Every little positive habit helps, from an earlier bedtime to an extra portion of veg, that extra glass of water or that additional day without alcohol. For more regular wellbeing tips, you can follow my wellness coaching Instagram here.

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