Why Get a Personal Trainer

by - August 05, 2021

There’s plenty of free fitness guides online, but sometimes all this information can be more overwhelming than helpful. Deciding what routine to follow, what will work for your goals, and what kind of equipment you need can be a daunting task. Hiring a personal trainer could be a great solution to get a plan that works for you. 

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You’re Just Getting Started With A Workout Routine

If you’re new to working out or are coming back to exercise after a long break, a personal trainer can help you to learn the basics. If you’ve never worked out before, it can be overwhelming going into the gym or an exercise class. A professional coach can teach proper form and technique. A local Personal Trainer can make sure you have the foundations correct to make it more likely you’ll reach your fitness goals. 

When you start working with a personal trainer, they usually begin with a fitness assessment. This tells them where you need to improve on and what your strengths and weaknesses are. You should also discuss your goals. You could work with a trainer for a short period to get started or keep working with them if you need more support or accountability. 

You’ve Been Injured, Had Surgery, Or Given Birth

If you have been active, but have had to take a break to recover from illness, injury, or a life event like a pregnancy, you might need some support to get you back into exercising again.  

When you return to exercise after a break, it can feel as though you’re starting from scratch. For example, if you’ve had surgery on one of your knees, you will need to get back to working out without risking injuring your knee again. If you work with the right trainer, they will have the knowledge to help you balance your workouts to address this, so you can avoid further injury, strengthen other areas to support your knee, and get back to full fitness. They can also give advice on what you should and shouldn’t do to be safe. 

There are personal trainers out there who specialise in certain areas, such as pre and post-natal, so you can find someone to help you who understands what you need. 

You Need Accountability

If you struggle with accountability for your workouts, paying someone by the hour who will still charge you if you don’t show up can be a very effective way of making you stick to your commitment. Sometimes you need that extra bit of accountability to force you to go to the gym. A personal trainer can be very helpful for this. 

A trainer will coach you through the workout itself, but should also help to motivate you when you have times that you feel discouraged or have any other worries about your routine. If you can’t afford to work with a trainer, or can only afford a few sessions, you can get a similar sense of accountability by agreeing to work out with a friend. I had just one session with a personal trainer and it gave me so much direction and a personalised plan which really motivated me because I had faith that the exercise he had chosen for me were definitely going to get me to reach my goal - and they did!

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