Is Your Body Experiencing Calcium Deficiency? 4 Major Signs

by - August 13, 2023

 Is Your Body Experiencing Calcium Deficiency? 4 Major Signs 

Calcium gets enough hype as an important mineral your body needs. And why not? This substance is needed in moderate amounts to give your bones the strength to support your weight without snapping. Your blood and muscles are also safe, as it prevents clotting and encourages muscle contraction. Your regular heart rhythm and nerve function also owes its thanks to calcium. Therefore, one can stand to argue that a lack of this vital substance can throw your body off balance. If you aren’t sure how this is possible, here are some hard-to-miss signs that your body has calcium deficiency. 

  1. You’re weak and lethargic for no reason 

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You go to bed early and sleep uninterrupted but still wake up lethargic. There is no recollection that you hadn’t done any particularly stressful activity. This may be your body crying out of calcium deficiency. But the tricky thing is that you may never consider this nutrition issue as fatigue sneaks up gradually until you can’t perform daily tasks without feeling drained, confused, and dizzy. In this case, booking an immediate appointment with your healthcare provider will be advisable. They can rule out other possible causes and rightly diagnose this condition. 

  1. Your teeth and gums start acting funny 

If you were once proud of your dentition but now notice some unpleasant changes, your calcium level may be dangerously low. Your body can transport this mineral from your teeth to supply other body parts, ultimately causing tooth decay, irritated gums, weak roots, and brittle teeth. Before long, your teeth will start to fall out, leaving unattractive gaps and a reduced desire to smile. Therefore, consult your dentist immediately after noticing these differences in your mouth. And if you already have missing teeth, opt for dental implants to restore your smile. 

  1. Your skin ain’t looking good 

You may be new to this, but calcium is essential for skin health. It stimulates the epidermis to produce enough sebum to maintain moisture and prevent dryness. Moreover, the right amount of calcium can help renew your skin and produce antioxidants that protect its texture. You may lack enough calcium if your skin looks wrinkled and ashy despite your efforts. Your risk of developing more severe conditions like eczema also increases. Again, don’t self-diagnose because you may be wrong. Instead, make a date with your dermatologist for more information. 

  1. Your bones can’t support you anymore 

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Osteoporosis is often considered a calcium deficiency disorder, and rightly so. When you don’t consume this mineral enough, your body will leech it out of your skeletal system. Over time, your bones will complain, too, although you may not notice it until it has developed. This is when you start noticing the ease at which you fracture after a fall. If you are significantly shorter than normal, experience chronic back pain, or you’re stooping, osteoporosis may be the culprit. 

While these signs may seem scary, you are still in control; you only need to do the needful. Dump all meals with little to no nutritional value, as they are your enemy now. Replace them with calcium-rich options. 

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