Feeling Drained of Energy?

by - April 15, 2024



Energy is essential for living a full and satisfying life. However, with the stresses and responsibilities that come with life, many people admit to feeling energyless. A lack of energy can point to issues in your health, many of which can be easily fixed.

If you’ve been experiencing a lack of energy lately and you’re looking for ways to give yourself a boost, you’ve come to the right place. Here are five things you should always do when you feel drained.

Get Enough Sleep and Rest

It may go without saying but sleep is a major key to gaining energy. If you aren’t sleeping enough, it won’t matter what you do to boost your energy. Rest is essential for good health and replenishing energy levels.

If you find yourself losing focus at work or unable to make your social commitments, it could be an indication that you need to sleep more or you need to take time off to recharge. Make sure you get at least seven hours of sleep each night. Those hours before midnight are worth double the ones after midnight as your body does some deep restoration between 11pm - 1am. So challenge yourself to put down that PHONE and switch off that episode, and choose feeling refreshed instead. Also look at different types of rest. Do you need sleep or REST as in permission to be unproductive? Time alone? Creative rest? Outdoor time? Rest in the form of spending time with people who you can be authenticly you with? It's so easy to keep looking ahead at what next needs to be done without stopping to look back and also celebrate how far you've come. You've earned a rest, I'm sure!

Natural Sources of Energy

It’s common for people to head straight to the coffee machine when they’re feeling drained. You may also find yourself reaching for a sugary snack because it's all around us and so convenient. But caffeine and sugar will surely give you a boost but it’s only temporary and are massively inflammatory which lead to other negative health impacts. Whole foods are absolutely wonderful, unimpeded and natural forms of energy.

You’re likely to feel yourself crashing again an hour later. Look for healthy and natural alternatives when you need an energy boost. Virtue Drinks are an ideal alternative to energy drinks and eating a banana or some medjool dates instead of doughnut will give you the boost you need to get to the gym.

Reduce Stress

Stress is a major energy zapper. When you’re feeling stressed about any given situation it will lead you to feeling drained. However, big stress events like the loss of a loved one or a car accident are different matters entirely.

When these events occur, you shouldn’t worry about your energy levels- just focus on boosting your overall health. If you can reduce stress by using meditation and breathing techniques, you may find that your energy levels start to return naturally. Pro-active stress reduction is always better than cure as prolonged exposure to stress can be hard to come back from. The phrase from Jon Kabat-Zin "build your parachute before you need it" refers to daily meditation practise as a great form of stress relief and nervous system regulation. Check out my free stress reduction meditation here or to simply defrag your mind between lots of back to back meetings use this short one here.

Get Active and Get Outside!

Ironically, using energy creates energy. When the last thing you feel like doing is heading to the gym, head to the gym. Giving yourself that little nudge to start getting active is all you need to boost your energy.

Just a simple walk around the block is enough to build your energy levels and start your day off on the right track. Many people choose to be active in the mornings because it can increase levels of focus, concentration, and creativity. It TOTALLY changes your energy. WE NEED AIR!

Limit Smoking and Alcohol

Smoking and alcohol both have a negative effect on health. Smoking especially affects the lungs which can make fitness harder and breathing difficulties more likely. Cutting down on smoking and drinking can have a remarkable effect on overall health and energy levels.

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