Seared Tuna with Celeriac & Rocket Salad

by - November 27, 2014

The Boy decided we should make dinner using only reduced ingredients. Challenge accepted and it was delicious! Foraging for city folk - but not skipping! we're not going that far - yet.

I found some reduced celeriac the day before (60p for half a huge one) with the intention of recreating a sweet potato and celeriac bake I used to eat at a school where I lived (they were some of the best school dinners!) Scouting the supermarket for reduced stuff on the day of the challenge was proving to be fruitless - a shabby sandwich and a packet of mince meat left me feeling uninspired. Then, like magic, the stars sent down a gift from the gods. Two beautiful line-caught tuna steaks hiding behind the haddock proudly wearing a bright orange reduced sticker. Bingo.

Celeriac gives me the same joy as artichoke does; both deceptively ugly vegetables in that the taste is so unique and unexpected. Slightly tangy in aftertaste, it's exciting and is rarely seen on menus or even in home cooking. For such a nutritious and cheap vegetable, it needs more credit and given that it's in season for so long, reaching it's best onwards from September, it can be added to your shopping easily as a go-to root vegetable that can be eaten in stews, casseroles, bakes (sweet potato and celeriac bake mmm) and as you will see below, grated into a salad.  It needs little more than seasoning as you really want it's individual flavour to stand alone as it really is something to be celebrated.

Obviously existing cupboard and fridge ingredients were allowed so in total we had:

Tuna steaks
Salt & Pepper
Olive oil
Fresh red chilli
Mayonnaise - I am not advocating the use of this stuff but it was handy at the time and the boy is a big fan.


Grate the celeriac (as much as you want)
Put it in a big pink plastic bowl
Mix in a packet rocket - you can never have too much salad!
Add the juice of one lime
Add a heaped tablespoon of mayonnaise
Add one chopped red chilli
And some salt and pepper and give it a big old mix-up

Cover your tuna steaks in salt, pepper and olive oil.
Heat the griddle until its smoking hot
Throw them on and enjoy the HISSSSSSS
Don't let them have more than 20 seconds on each side - these guys were pretty thin too so less is more! you DO NOT want overcooked tuna steaks and there is a very small margin, so eyes on the prize, guys!

Get the salad on the plates and put the tuna steaks on top, add extra lime juice if you feel like it.

Now you have a zingy tangy limey zesty spicy fresh salad with some succulent hot rare tuna on top ready to melt in your mouth and give your body a well-needed boost of:

Omega 3 - tuna
Omega 6 - tuna
Vitamin A - rocket
Vitamin B- rocket
Vitamin C - chilli, rocket and celeriac
Vitamin K (for healthy bones and prevention of brain disease) - celeriac, rocket
Minerals such as iron, calcium and phosphoros - celeriac

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