'The Hottest Gift' - Chilli Peanut Butter in King Prawn Thai-style Stir-Fry

by - November 27, 2014

I was sent a jar of 'Nutter Butter' by The Chilli Shop and was asked to create a recipe for them. Peanut butter should be a staple and is perf for breakfast - as we all know nuts keep you fuller for longer because of the fat content (good fat) and the high fibre content. Having some of this stuff for breakfast is only for the big-bollocked, 'cos it's hot as f***. However it would be delicious with honey and banana on toast as those guys are pretty chilled and would calm the whole situation down.

Here is the recipe, and will be the first of many, as this stuff is extremely versatile and useful. 

Here is the main guy - the star of the show - the 'Danny Travolta'. It doesn't contain palm oil which is important. Palm oil is one of the reasons a lot of people condone peanut butter but there are varieties out there which don't use it. Nutter Butter contains sunflower oil as well as peanuts, honey, cayenne pepper, habanero and naga chilli.

For the stir fry you're keeping it simple and using this crew:
Spring onions, lemon grass, garlic, portobello mushroom, french beans, carrot, red, yellow and green peppers, baby plum tomatoes, king prawns, fish sauce, nutter butter, olive oil and salt and pepper
lemon and coriander

Chop it all up - keep the lemongrass slices big enough to be fished out later. Lol - 'fished out'. 

Heat some oil in a wok with a pinch of salt and add the garlic. After a couple o mins add the mushroom slices and the king prawns. 
When they have had a chance to get relax in the pan get ready for the hot sauce.

This was a brand new jar and as you can see the dent is small - the spoon in the picture, although hard to tell, is only a teaspoon. So add a heaped teaspoon - more if you dare, less if you're not hardcore enough. Don't worry you can always tone it down or heat it up to your liking later.

Let it melt a bit and it will be easier to mix in. Add a teaspoon and a half of fish sauce. Mix it up.

looking pretty
After about 5 minutes (or less if you prefer raw veg) - as long as the prawns are done - you'll be ready.

Tip it into two bowls, squeeze some lemon on top, add a dollop of natural Greek yoghurt (optional) and then sprinkle your chopped coriander on top with some cracked black pepper.

My housemate slurping up the last bit - a good sign!
The peanut butter mixed with the yoghurt and lemon juice makes suuuuch a buff combo! It wasn't surprising the bowls got fingered clean!

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