Straight-Up Classic Pumpkin Soup With Spicy Toasted Seeds

by - November 04, 2014

Sometimes the classic stuff gets forgotten with all the new discoveries, fusions and attempts to cook something impressive. In reality, such recipes can often have their 'pants pulled down' by humble vegetables which have been enhanced with little more than salt and pepper. I can't remember where I first saw this recipe but it was a few years ago and it's always spanking. Furthermore, pumpkins are cheap, seasonal and packed with beta-carotene, as all orange veg is, which is what our body converts into vitamin-A (retinol) and keeps your skin looking nice and your eye sight swell (there is truth in the carrots). The spicy toasted crispy pumpkin seeds contrast so well against the smooth cool creme fraiche and the sweet, thick simple pumpkin soup. Want to make it?

First things first, Get the crew together.

Stick the grill on 200 degrees. Chop the onion. Do not shed a single tear. No one likes a cry baby.

tearing up like a massive wet lettuce
Throw them into the pot in which you have heated a little oil (rapeseed or olive, rapeseed is better as it has a higher burning point which means it can do crazy hot things without its fat having a melt down and ruining the flavour. It also has half the saturated fat than olive oil. Both will work fine though) Add a pinch salt to encourage them to sweat more.

Behead the pumpkin with a sharp knife and resist the urge to carve it into a weirdo. Instead using your best hand, scoop all the brains out. Hands are just better than spoons.

Don't throw the seeds away yet. Chop the deseeded pumpkin into bite size pieces of equal size and toss into the pot after the onions and garlic have had their private party. Let 'em all sweat out together.

Make your stock. Two vegetable cubes (organic if you can, this is Hove darling) and a pint of water. Pour it in and simmer.

Get your seeds and separate the dryest ones from the slimiest ones. Pumpkin interior is some sticky shit.

Get them all on a tray and give 'em a pep talk. Then when they think they're ready give 'em the salt, cumin, pepper and cayenne, all over their faces. Rub it all over them, they love it.

I know it looks a bit mental but trust.

Grill the seedy guys on a high heat for about 10 mins and keep an eye on them. We don't wanna lose these guys.

See how the big boy is doing on the simmer. Pumpkin soft yet? When it is soft - and no later -blend it. Taste and season, it will need a good amount of seasoning so don't be shy. Real important that you season it at the end and not before because it will be a waste.

When the seeds are done they will be slightly golden and a little puffed out, crispy, crunchy and buff. 

Slop it into a bowl, swirl in some creme fraiche and then sprinkle with the spicy seeds. Bread's optional depending on how fat you already are.

For another easy, healthy, cheap & tasty beast: do the same as above but replace the pumpkin with 4 small beetroots and one sweet potato. Top with crumbled goat's cheese instead of the seeds.

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